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Text or Die
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November 24, 2021
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November 19, 2021
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Description of Text or Die

【One Sentence Introduction】

This is a kind of puzzle and survival video game. In the game, you will answer many simple questions. After you answer these questions successfully, the squares on your feet will continue to increase to avoid sinking. The operation of the game is simple and easy to use for all ages.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. You may get the sense of accomplishment of answering the questions correctly, and the excitement of competing with your competitors during this time. Fun and exciting puzzle-answering gameplaying allows you can enjoy the process of answering questions. If you are a straight-A student in Liberal Arts, you will get a lot of fun and coins from this game.

2. Getting huge rewards with a very simple mode of operation. what you need to do is to constantly break through levels, answer questions, prevent yourself from being overwhelmed and get rich rewards.

3. Increasing your intellectual and memorization skills and wisdom while playing games. You need to choose a word with a large number of letters to answer the question, which inspires players to be competitive with the knowledge reserve.

【GameNomo's Review】

1. Simply answer a question but the longest answer you use the more chance you have of winning. As the levels progress, the difficulty of the questions that players need to answer will gradually increase. Text Or Die has a variety of new difficulty levels, and you may encounter bigger and more flexible gameplay during the adventure. Many difficulties and obstacles require you to cross easily and pass the level smoothly. Players can experience the fun of the long-lost leisure adventure world. To escape the rising water, you need to build your tower as tall as possible. Think carefully and answer various questions after racing to be the first to answer the question and give the longest answer. Then other opponents can not catch you with more letters. Many categories are scoping from nature to histories such as naming the countries, fruits, and other items. When you start the game, the system will find you an opponent. Your country’s name will appear above your head, then the system will give you guys questions. Let me take an example, you may text “Indonesia” when the question: name a country appears, and you will win if your competitor writes down “US” because “Indonesia” has more letters than “US”. The topics are involved at all levels, and each topic has different characteristics. Except for the 1V1 battle, you can unlock the tournaments. Then you can compete against about five players from various countries. So do keep calm when the screen appears the notice: “WATER IS RISING”.

2. The game operation is very simple, you can easily operate it by sliding your finger, almost without any difficulty. This game is suitable for small kids who start to learn writing and collecting vocabulary.

3. The pictures and avatars in the game are colorful and the background music makes you nervous. When you are getting so close to the water and sharks are surrounded with you, the music tries to distract your attention. If you survived, you can get bonuses and total coins. And a trophy will make you feel you are standing on the podium. You may need to develop mental toughness if you want the be the winner!


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