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Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game
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February 23, 2022
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February 14, 2022
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Description of Cooking Fever: Restaurant Game

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Cooking Fever is a game where you run a variety of restaurants. In the game, you can manage several different types of fast food restaurants, and you need to serve your customers as quickly as possible to make sure they leave satisfied.

【How to play】

As a business simulation game, Cooking Fever takes cooking as its main gameplay. The player will play the role of a restaurant boss and chef, and need to cook different food, such as western food, Chinese food, dessert and other food to attract customer’s taste buds, so as to obtain a large amount of money to build and upgrade their own restaurant. At the same time, the game uses a regular way of placing and clicking control, the whole process is very easy to get started without any difficulty.

Here’s a closer look at the gameplay. After entering the game, you first choose a store location, which needs to be unlocked slowly, and new players can only choose the first location. After that, there are some introductions about the restaurant, and the player has to choose the level, each restaurant has dozens of levels. In addition, there are two scenes in the game to switch between, which makes it different from other cooking games. One is the inside of the kitchen, the other is the inside of the restaurant. Kitchen is where the money is made, and where the player has to work. The restaurant is to provide customers with a good environment to increase their waiting time, and in terms of benefits, they can get more tips.

What needs to be emphasized here is the tip issue. Tips are important part of revenue growth, as long as customers don’t have to wait long enough to get a tip. Therefore, when there are more customers, players can serve the customers who may generate tips first, which is also a method to increase revenue. And ingredients should not be wasted, otherwise the profits will be deducted.


Cooking Fever also does a great job with sound. Especially in different store environments, the BGM is made in accordance with the restaurant food culture. For example, the music in the western restaurant is full of dynamic, and the Chinese restaurant will sound beautiful Chinese style tunes, which is very melodious.


Q version of the game character, Cartoon style with bright colors make the game graphics looks fresh and comfortable. With a variety of mouthwatering food, Cooking Fever is a rare simulation game. Next, the game has a good restoration of various ingredients, whether it is hamburgers and hot dogs in the western restaurant, or cakes in the dessert shop will make player feel appetizing.

【Game review】

On the whole, Cooking Fever is an engaging and unique simulation game, which is in high playability. In this popular cooking game, you’ll be responsible for serving hundreds of customers at different fast food restaurants. While this is a cooking game, you don’t need to have great cooking skills. Instead, you need to focus on time management and fast-paced interactions. If you’re a food lover, don’t miss this game out, and I believe it will bring you a special surprise.



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