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Teacher Simulator
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July 30, 2021
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September 21, 2021
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Description of Teacher Simulator

【One Sentence Introduction】

This game is a teacher simulator, in which players can do whatever they like to rank first on the campus.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

This game gives me a good impression. I have been looking for such apps. I can experience the role of a teacher. Working as a teacher, in reality, seems difficult for me, so I choose to play this game. That is not a large-size game, but it covers many inviting features.

Gameplay is satisfactory, for I needn't do much to complete the tasks given by the system. All I feel in playing this game is ease and excitement. To my surprise, I can do many teaching assignments in the game. I can correct the homework of my students. I can catch them cheating in exams. How impressive! Even a real teacher cannot do so many things in the short time allotted. But I can enjoy endless fun just in dozens of minutes.

Whether I can become a good teacher depends on my choice. If I take it seriously, great rewards will be given. With extra points, I level up and gradually adapt to the occupation. When overcoming the obstacles in the games, I feel like acting as a real teacher. This drives me to think of the meaning of education. Is education just teaching children? No one may give precise answers. I spend points in the game obtaining more attribute values, only to find I am still a simulated teacher. Will I become as capable as a real one? I am not sure at all. But after longer gameplay, I start to learn something new about teaching. When I practice my skills in the game, I am also training myself! The reason is that this teacher simulator is functional, so it can really strengthen my ability of thinking and criticize. Both are key points when it comes to teaching someone else.

【GameNomo's Review】

Since the simulator is one of the most popular game genres in recent days, more and more game developers begin their first career of simulating some kind of life. There are parent simulators, doctor simulators, and even animal simulators. All those prove that simulators can greatly improve imagination. The teacher simulator is a good example. This app runs smoothly on mobile platforms. Only by several clicks on the screen of your cellphone, can you open up your virtual career as a teacher worth his/her salt.

Every time the player wants to experience his/her leisure life, he/she needs to open this app and spend some time in-game. Many teaching activities are included in this game. You can

On the screen, the painting style of this game is quite good, the screen is beautiful, delicate, and magnificent, especially the content before entering the game, well-made, which makes others feel dreamy at first glance. In addition, the operation of this game is really very simple, the settings of the buttons are quite good, it can be said that it is the perfect experience of the touch screen. As for the tasks, when the player first enters the game, they need to complete some primary tasks, and then you will complete the subsequent tasks. Generally speaking, it is not difficult but full of fun.

In other words, this game is really a boutique in simulation games. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the light of hope among similar games. I hope that game producers can continue their efforts in the future, on the one hand, provide more updates for this game and help enrich its content; on the other hand, make more fun new games. I especially want to play more simulation games of different genres!


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