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TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline
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November 17, 2021
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November 11, 2021
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Description of TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline

【One Sentence Introduction】

Trivia Star starts as an easy free knowledge game and gets harder as you level up! Educational Games exercise the brain, eyes, and hands in the form of games so that people can gain logic and agility in the game.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The best opportunity to show knowledge coverage, to test if you are the smartest! You can even invite the most knowledgeable guy to participate in your battle and have fun! Quiz games aren't all the rage right now. Quiz games were often seen on TV in the past. It's just that at that time, to participate in the game, you must go to the scene in person, and you have to go through registration and eligibility screening and many players cannot participate in this type of game. But in recent, just download the app, you can compete with players around the world and have fun.

2. This game is very suitable for killing time and learning knowledge. This game helps to enhance memory, speed up brain thinking and improve concentration.

【GameNomo's Review】

1. Players need to choose answers from more than 60 categories, including common sense, food, celebrities, animals, sports, music, movies, TV shows, brands, science, and so on. The game is easy to get started, but the difficulty will increase over time. I am a foodie, so I am most interested in food topics. So how about you? Maybe you can be an expert in one field.

2. Players need some strategies and problem-solving skills to win the game. Players are required to remember and absorb a lot of information. Playing these games regularly can help improve children's short-term and long-term memory and help the brain process information faster. In addition, the game will capture the player’s imagination, help them focus on certain tasks, and build their perseverance to achieve their goals.

3. When you start a level, you need to choose one of the three different cold knowledge categories that appear on the screen, or you can spend money to shuffle the categories so that three new random categories will appear. After selecting a category, you can click to start the game, and five questions will appear on the screen. You need to answer all of them correctly to move on to the next level. After answering all the questions in one level, move on to the next level. Compare other games. In Trivia Star, you can immediately understand whether you answered correctly. For example, which movie is the snowman “Olaf” from? If your answer is “Frozen”, the answer bar will show the green color which means you got the right answer. But if your answer is “Shrek”, the answer bar will become red which means it is wrong.

4. The pictures in this game are cartoon-style. The purple and yellow colors so match that gives players a sense of passion and fun. Players will get prizes by watching ads in this game like any other free game but the prizes in this trivia game cannot be exchanged for real-world money or prizes. An educational game always sharpens your mind and improves your speed and accuracy in a limited time. It is a fantastic educational game since you can recall memories and learn about many cultures of different countries. Some parents even ask the questions out loud and kids will yell out the answer before they give them the choices! Isn’t it a good way to have more connections with kids?


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is is a good game and i think you should get it :) 2022-06-19 13:27:34

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it's an ok game 2023-05-06 05:57:21

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