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Heads Up!
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November 9, 2021
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November 25, 2021
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Description of Heads Up!

【One Sentence Introduction】

Are You a party person? What do you usually do at parties? Is it just got some conversation? Or do you like to play games to liven things up? Now, I would like to introduce you to a game you will love. This game will make the party atmosphere hot to the extreme! It's called Heads Up! Heads Up is an exciting guessing game by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

The heads-up game is simple: one person describes, one person guesses, similar to the guessing game we often see on variety shows, and there is a video commentary at the beginning of the game, so don't worry about not playing at all.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Heads Up! It is a fun game of casual challenge that many people can play. It is designed in a delicate style and has a variety of topics, ranging from celebrity guessing, movie guessing, TV guessing, guessing the animal to think the accent, Guessing the character, everything. We can compete here, to see who guessed the topic more, happy to spend time with friends!

2. The game is straightforward to play, and the game interface can be opened on the theme of their own choice; the game involves 18 articles, players can choose their interest in the game. Two people or a team battle, one of the title descriptions, the other guess words. If you get it right, flip the phone, and it'll go to the next question. The first time to enter the game needs to load for a while. Please wait patiently. After loading, one player, please open the game, select a theme, and place the phone face-up on the forehead. The friend on the other side can use different words to explain the meaning, and then you can guess.

3. This game can test people's thinking ability and associative understanding; the tacit team understanding of cooperation will be unknowingly exercised. Many questions are waiting for you to choose from the game process. The unexpected answers will be incredibly joyous. The winner will be the one with the most points, the one with the audacity to compete with each other to see who can guess more questions in a given amount of time.

4. The game's content is also very varied for the player to choose from, will not be boring at the party. Get a clue from your friend before the timer runs out on the card from celebrity, singing, silly accents! At the same time, a friend or hundred play, each answer on a topic to switch to a new card, just by tilting the phone. This process will be recorded by mobile phone so that everyone can enjoy the fun of each excellent game process. Video can also be shared so that people like to save for this. When the game prompt starts, please place your mobile phone on the horizontal screen, and let the screen stand up.

5. The game will count down to 5 seconds. When you get the answer right, rotate the screen down more than 50 degrees, quickly returning it to its previous state. Auto-enter next word! If you get this question wrong or don't know how to skip it, you'll need to rotate the screen upwards more than 50 degrees, quickly returning it to its previous state. The word will be missed and not scored. The descriptor cannot say a word in a phrase or a translation in another language.

【GameNomo's Review】

Generally speaking, the game rules are easy to operate without difficulty. This is an entertaining casual challenge game, compared to test the player's logical thinking ability, and there is a wealth of topics, a variety of content. Let everyone enjoy the challenge, here one person described, and more people guess to see who can think more, enjoy the time! The only thing you need to know is that it's a paid game, and the price is $1.99. But Trust Me, you won't regret buying it. It's a fun game.

In addition, the game is fun and classic, the process of guessing Test team cooperation and proximity to each other, breaking the ice and embarrassment. To make the party feel better. It tests people's ability to associate. After all, if the description is not good, it will affect the guesser's judgment, making the question extremely difficult.

The Joyful Challenge adds some fun to the monotonous life; whether right or wrong, you can experience much fun, more new ways to choose, and unlock the joy of the challenge. Don't hesitate to download it!


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