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Earn to Die 2
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July 16, 2021
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November 25, 2019
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Description of Earn to Die 2

【One Sentence Introduction】

Are You a good driver? How about your driving skill? If you had to drive into an adventure to fight zombies, would you have the courage to challenge? Earn to Die 2, the game I'm about to tell you about is a zombie-infested wilderness in which you need to dodge the hordes of zombies chasing you and eventually reach a haven.

Developed by Not Doppler, the game is a racing cross-section version of the game. You'll need to choose and drive the most powerful vehicles that zombies can hear and go on the road. There are a variety of levels with different zombie abilities. Players need to hide behind the pursuit of a large number of zombies, drive vehicles in the wilderness, and finally arrive at a haven. Does that sound exciting and exciting already?

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The rules of the game are simple. First, always keep your finger on the accelerator button. Earn to Die 2 lets you enter a car designed for the zombie apocalypse, where you keep your finger on the accelerator button to make sure you keep moving. Always keep moving. However, do not press the turn button to prevent the vehicle from tipping over. Second, there is no need to speed up when going downhill, and when you see a car flying down a hill, you should release the acceleration button. 

2. You Don't have to push yourself down the hill anymore because the game's physics will help you without any additional help. Finally, find the perfect time. Well-equipped rides can help you. The only time power should be used is when driving uphill and bumps. Acceleration is also handy, and you can quickly clear the ramp.

3. The overall picture stimulation in the test play process is full of blood. Methods the level of playability is high, and the operation is simple and easy. The player will face the double challenge of Doomsday and Zombie in the game.

4. The game is accompanied by a battered car and a small amount of cash. Players need to constantly earn money to upgrade to unlock new vehicles and successfully escape the city surrounded by zombies. In the game, all the cars and pictures are believed to meet the desire of the old drivers to collect, but also help improve the vehicle's performance, a new gift package system, a vast treasure box for the crazy driving escort. There are roller coaster tracks, star racetracks, wilderness city maps to explore and solve.

5. The presentation of cinematic apocalyptic zombie scenes and sound effects and the extreme violent aesthetics of cars crashing into zombies makes people feel like they are being filled with blood. The sense of urgency of the doomsday escape, upgrade the escape vehicle equipment, the moment the vehicle flies is a great sense of accomplishment.

【GameNomo's Review】

Overall, this is a great game to play, and I highly recommend it. Whether the game screen or background music is very immersive, the picture quality is exceptionally smooth. Come to drive your chariot to take risks, in different levels of fierce confrontation, at any time feel the energy of absolute destruction. With more mini chariots, there are plenty of actual, flashy races to challenge, and you can experience them in a high-impact fight, randomly gathering better gear to improve stats. Selecting more background charges, get a feel for the large, comprehensive map environment.

In addition to the high-quality graphics, I mentioned earlier, each vehicle can be equipped with various upgrades such as armor frames, roof guns, superchargers, etc. The game uses Push-button operation; along the way, we can control the car to perform various stunts, of course, not to play cool, but to get rid of chasing zombies. It's elementary. Gravity holds the car's direction, kills the zombies on the road, but avoids the barricades.

Earn To Die 2 introduces a grand plot five times longer than the previous one. The game jettisons its familiar desert setting and goes deep into the zombie-infested city: more zombies, more destruction, more brutality.


this game freakin rocks 2022-10-07 02:23:17