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Papa's Pancakeria To Go!
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April 16, 2021
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August 15, 2019
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Description of Papa's Pancakeria To Go!

【One Sentence Introduction】

Papa's Pancakeria To Go! is a game officially launched in the year 2018.  As a unique restaurant management game, it provides the player with not only the virtual experience of running a shop but also the fun of food-cooking.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. You are not the chef in this pancake restaurant but also the owner of it, so you have total autonomy. You can decide how to run it without being affected by others.

2. What’s special in this game is that the customers are various. You will not meet the same robot-like guests and they will show you great appreciation when they speak highly of your food. In the meanwhile, you will also get some prizes and tips.

3. What’s more interesting in this game is that you can create your own character. You can not only choose his hairstyle and skin tone of him, even his facial expression and height could be decided by you.

【GameNomo's Review】

The game is based on a background story which is that your cat is a huge fan of a local pancake shop so you choose to work there to help the original owner to run his shop.

You can create your character as to how you prefer him to be. From his name to his hairstyle you can totally design them as you wish. The only thing that you could not change is his outfit, which is what I am slightly unsatisfied with within this game. But working as a chef you are supposed to put on the apron.

You have to pick up the skills of flipping pancakes and serving guests. Taking the guest’s order is also something you need to learn. As you get to know how to play this game and get more familiar with it, the trickier this game will become. Sometimes you could meet some customers that order a lot of food, so you would be really busy preparing their food and also taking care of the customers. To make every customer satisfied, you also have to cook their food as quickly as you can because once you are slow, those customers will be tired of waiting and walk away, so your restaurant revenue will be badly influenced. And also because you have no helper besides then you will have to equip yourself with the ability of multitasking.

The kitchen where you cook the food is a grill station. When you are about cook a pancake you really have to start it by pouring the batter. The stressful part here is that you need to flip it when one side of the pancake is done. You can notice an alarm at hand which would ring up when it is time to flip. Never overcook the pancake otherwise you have to throw it away. After cooking the pancake you are asked to put some toppings on it. You will notice you have multiple toppings to choose from. But you should do it as the order tells. There are basically no techniques when dressing your pancake with toppings, but remember to make it the center. What follows the topping section is the drink station. This part literally simulates what it is in reality because you also need to press some button to get the drink. Just make sure you don’t make the drink spill.

In the final step, you are also serving as the waiter to give customers the food they have ordered. This is also the most exciting part because you will get some tips and other prizes based on how well you made the food. But as long as you make the food perfectly and serve it in time you won’t get low scores. Hope you guys could enjoy it!


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