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Trivia Crack (No Ads)
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November 25, 2021
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November 29, 2021
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Description of Trivia Crack (No Ads)

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you think you are a man of excellent knowledge? Do you know much? Do you have the confidence to win a knowledge match with a friend? And now I’d like to introduce a personal favorite of mine, called Trivia Crack Premium, and developed by Enermax.

This game is a puzzle learning hand tour, and the players in the game inside can also know a lot of obscure knowledge points, which are very interesting and helpful. The game can be played in various ways, with questions and answers, as well as translation and questions.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The rules and patterns are simple, Trivia Crack is broken into classic designs and challenge patterns, and each way has two options for matching friends randomly. In the traditional model, players can select Facebook friends or randomly match opponents to play the game and then spin a wheel to answer 25 questions from six different categories, choosing which type they are good at or like. There are three times before the correct answer is determined. There is a random chance to re-select the category.

2. If you get the wrong answer, the game ends. The player with the correct answers wins and is rewarded with a gold coin. In Challenge mode, players can also challenge their Facebook friends or randomly match their opponents with 12 questions at a time. In Challenge mode, players cannot select categories. According to the number of correct answers to 12 questions to determine the winner, the winner will be awarded the game gold coin.

3. At the beginning of the game, turn the dial and guess the words. Collect letters and form words to pass the test. Note that you must collect every character in the corresponding category. The spin of the wheel and the chance will randomly determine which type you have to follow the wheel to answer the question. If the wheel stops at a particular slot, you can role play on your choice!

4. The game can also be PVP mode, at any time and anywhere can be a global player to compete for intelligence leisure games. Because it involves all aspects of knowledge, you can find people at different stages of real-time contest knowledge. Answering the right questions will earn you more points, and you’ll win the Crown. The game may choose each country’s pronunciation at will, was very intimate humanization. Plus, you can hang out with your friends, and you can randomly match your friends from all over the world. The side plays the game still can rise the leisure game of knowledge, suit everybody to rest time very much!

5. Trivia Crack is a quiz game that covers six different areas, including geography, history, art, science, entertainment, and sports. You must have six likable characters representing all areas of your life to win. Please click on the rotating wheel and answer the question randomly. If the roulette wheel happens to go to Crown, you will be free to choose which field of questions you want to respond to get a role in that category.

【GameNomo's Review】

Overall, I highly recommend buying this game for $1.99. Playability is very high, and the picture is very exquisite, fresh. The background music is also charming, can let the player want to play all the time.

Listen, I’m trying to say that intelligence isn’t the only way you can win. Trivia Crack is also a strategy game: you can “Challenge” an opponent to capture a captured character! If the roulette wheel happens to go to Crown D, you are free to answer one more question to win a role in that field or to challenge your opponent to battle apart. In addition, Trivia Crack has four “Little helpers” to help you quickly solve complex problems. Trivia Crack has a delightfully straightforward and intuitive interface, and each round of the game comes complete with charming animation.

The trivia game allows you to select different questions by turning the dial at random and rewards you for answering the right questions. To encourage people to challenge themselves, be creative, and be fun. It is all kinds of hot + cold knowledge to challenge your IQ to the limit! Use your intelligence and ability to answer more questions and unlock more achievements and different roles!

Trivia Crack is a dynamic, fast, and Hands All Over game. There are over 100,000 questions in the game, and they are still being updated. Google App Store Volkswagen gave a high score of 4.6, don’t hesitate to download it with friends and have a good fight!


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