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Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity
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March 26, 2015
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May 21, 2019
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Description of Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity

【One Sentence Introduction】

Are you interested in gangster games? Or do you like racing games? Would you be interested in a game that would merge them into one? Next, I want to introduce you to a trendy game called Grand Theft Auto: vice city, developed by Rockstar Games.

A crime-themed open-action-adventure game set in 1971, Tommy Visetti is a former employee of the Mafia family Sonny. Sonny asks Tommy to assassinate a man in the free city borough of Harwood who intends to sabotage the Vrély family business. But when he reached Harwood, he was ambushed by 11 assassins. Tommy had to kill them and was eventually arrested and charged with murder.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The game requires a certain level of skill because the game's rules are a bit complicated. But because the game has a high degree of freedom, players can be always found in Sin City, surprise. The player's role in the game is Tommy Vietti. You can equip props in the game, change clothes, no attributes, no skills. You can also drive an ambulance, be a policeman, drive a fire engine, deliver pizza and be a taxi driver. Completing some tasks can increase the player's life and body armor blood limit.

2. First, enter the game. You will encounter the main task 1, ride in front of the motorcycle, drive to the South Airport side of the pink spot. When you get into the story after the ship was attacked, after the account has been in the water, floating in place will be killed, swim to the shore immediately. Pressing the X button can speed up, the coast is safe, return to the barracks door, receive pager command, and walk into the Green Arrow's front after the mission's end. Before Task 2, the M16 could be captured by patrol in the barracks. Now the soldiers in the barracks will not fight back. Start the mission at the rank Mark Mission Point.

3. Go to the pink spot shooting range in the Southeast Harbor, find Phil Cassidy, follow Phil in his truck, head north to the pink spot. Phil will give you directions and leaves, take out two guys with Red Arrows across the street with the M16s you robbed, go into the room behind them with the Blue Arrows, and take out the two empty-handed guys in the room to get the money, take the money back to the barracks and finish the job. As the task gets more brutal, the amount of money you get increases.

【GameNomo's Review】

All in all, I think it's a great game to buy. The price is $4.99. It will give you a whole PS2 experience, and Rockstar has added several enhancements for the mobile version, including character models, lighting effects, and more. The game controls are also explicitly optimized for the touch screen, ensuring a smooth ride on the phone.

In addition to the freedom of the game, high-definition images, and the movie-like color palette. The game's dynamic detail shadows and real-time ambient reflections are also impeccable, making the experience more accurate and the scene more realistic.

There are 114 types of vehicles in the game, including non-motorized vehicles and remote-controlled games a car. There are only 85 of them. Some of the vehicles, such as taxis, boats, and autos, appeared again in this work. In addition, helicopters and motorcycles were added, and the physical effects and functions of cars were similar to those of Generation New additions include some of the sportier how’s like limousines, some of which have been heavily modified in this work.

The performance of the vehicles in the game can change depending on their location, and some of the vehicles can be used in different ways. The street shows good performance, and some show up in the air or on land. As an action shooting game. Natural game real shadow effect, more visual distance, and rich screen color.

The game controller brings a whole new set of touch controls, modes of operation, and full support. Touch buttons appear when needed, and there are three modes of operation to drive the vehicle. In addition to flying cars and gunplay, the game also adds more new elements. Do you find this interesting? Go ahead and download it and head to Sin City with your friends!


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