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October 22, 2021
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November 22, 2021
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Description of UNO!™

【One Sentence Introduction】

UNO is a classic and multiplayer card game released in the year of 2016. This game allows you to use different strategies to beat other players and be the final winner.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The gameplay is quite strategic, so you won’t be bored as long as you figure out how to play it. You also can enjoy this game with players around the world.

2. In addition, this game can be really competitive. Because the goal is to be the final winner who has no card in the end. So all the players have to rack their brains to come up with the best strategy. You will always feel fresh whenever you play this game.

【GameNomo's Review】

Trust me, this game will give you tons of fun and thrill. UNO is full of excellent graphics and amazing special effects. You could get the best game experience from UNO.

And this game can also be challenging so you need to use several tips to ace it. First of all, you should know what kinds of cards there are in this game. You have cards in various colors such as blue, green, yellow and red etc. You also have to bear in mind that your mission is to leave no card in the final stage. You can win 500 scores if you are the winner.

When it is your turn to play, you are supposed to give a card at hand that matches the exact card of the discard pile. Sometimes you happen to have no card at hand that can match well. The solution of this is also clear which is to draw a card which is in the draw pile, in this way you can gain your chances to win.

You may also encounter some cards that are with some specific function. For example, skip card is used when you hope the other player to lose their turn. But keep in mind that this is merely able to be used on a matching color. There is also a kind of card called wild card, and you can play this card even if one card of yours at hand is available to play. Also different cards are with various scores. The number cards’ scores worth the amount of the numbers written on the cards. one reverse card or skip card can amount to 20 points, and wild cards have the most value which is 50 points. Who scores 500 points at first can win this game.

At times, you could also meet one dilemma where all the players are with some cards and this game seem to be a deadlock. The design of this game can easily solve this problem by reshuffling discard pile.

On a side note, this game also doesn’t have too many ads. You would probably see some ads only when you need some more coins. What’s more every update of UNO can unlock various and new features which can make the game play more fun. You are encouraged to win because if you don’t do you will keep getting stuck in the same level. Anyways, don’t risk in this game and use your strategy to win! Hope all of you can enjoy UNO!


i love this game 2022-04-29 21:17:49

Ariana Stokes    

It sounds cool 2022-05-17 07:10:16


Hi i have not tried it but i think it sounds cool 2022-06-12 23:49:03


It is great I play it everyday 2022-06-17 04:13:23

dragon boy    

this is the best game 2022-10-01 09:30:03