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Pokémon UNITE
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September 17, 2021
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September 14, 2021
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Description of Pokémon UNITE

【One Sentence Introduction】

Pokémon UNITE is a strategy game. It is the first 5V5 team battle mode game in the Pokémon game series. The key to the game is teamwork, aiming to compete in a 5v5 team duel between players and opponents within a specified time. Get the highest score. The game is very interesting, and it is worth the player to bring home the victory.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Players can freely choose their own Pokemon lineup, free combination of 5 different pokemon attributes, it is a great test of players' strategic ability, especially for the pokemon loyal fans, this is undoubtedly the best experience, various attributes of the Pokemon combat mode have their own control. Five pokemon combo suggestions for starters: Pikachu, TalonFlame, Charizard, Snorlax, Eldegoss.

2. The game supports cross-platform online play, so you can play with your friends or more masters. The experience of a live online competition is much more interesting.

3. Players can form a team to start a battle at any time, and within 10 minutes, they can have a good time and end around. Enjoy the ultimate competitive experience in 10 minutes. It is a great mobile game.

【GameNomo's Review】

The overall control of Pokémon UNITE is similar to the popular 5V5 MOBA gameplay of Honor of Kings, but the highlight lies in its lightweight, simple and interesting light competition that has attracted many players, especially fans of the Pokémon series. Cute Pokémon will give players the experience of returning to their childhood time in an instant. The open game battlefield allows players to switch their Pokémon at will according to their own strategies, and allows Pokémon to evolve, learn new skills, and be familiar Players can collect new Pokémon, challenge the hall to collect badges in the plot, and team up with their friends to experience the joy of plot and battle together in the Pokémon world, and dream back to childhood. Unite eschews the previous Pokémon element type format in favor of a combat type system, where Pokémon are categorized by playstyle rather than damage type. There are five combat types in Pokémon UNITE: Attacker, Speeder, Defender, Supporter, and All-Round. Each type has its own unique traits that make it suitable for its own character, and there's enough variety between each Pokémon to keep things interesting without too much variation in gameplay. While Unite's gameplay isn't groundbreaking, its developers have managed to condense the MOBA format without losing the genre's core battle arena feel. If you want to prove your skills, you can also participate in ranking competitions and earn points when you climb the global leaderboards. It is worth mentioning that Pokémon UNITE provides players with Holowear and regularly launches new styles, so that it is on the battlefield. Not only show your skills but also show your demeanor.


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