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Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle

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Version: 0.332
Updated: November 12, 2021
Size : 319.98 Mb
Version: 1.1.5
Updated: November 16, 2021

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Description of Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle

【One Sentence Introduction】

Zen Match is a match-3 casual puzzle game with home decoration as its topic. So players of all ages and genders just have a try, and I sincerely hope this fusion gameplay can satisfy your entertainment needs and bring you fun.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. There is no need to be vigilant and nervous at all times, and players can keep a peaceful mind, instead. The task will be arranging and building their rooms, and cultivated plants by eliminating the accumulated golden coin resources in the game.

2. The whole game centers around relaxing, relieving stress, and passing leisure time. As you work late and go back home, choosing some massive games with fancy and advanced features may consume too much energy. It is wise to try this game and escape from the busy life for a while!

【GameNomo's Review】

1. People nowadays all need a quiet place to soothe and relieve the stress of a day, and Zen match provides such a place for you. The key gameplay pattern is to eliminate consecutive identical things in a row. There will be square blocks with various patterns and different numbers on the level. After clicking the block, it will move to the elimination column below. When three blocks with the same pattern enter the elimination column, they will be eliminated automatically.

2. Compared with the regular "1 to 1" mode, the elimination bar mode is more easy-to-pass, and considerable to players, with a maximum capacity of 7 patterns, which we can say the player has two chances to start over. Even if 4 square blocks cannot be eliminated, players will not fail the game immediately, and the remaining spaces for three blocks can still be used for continuing the game. In addition, even all spaces are filled, players can still choose to spend gold coins to get the chance to start over. Overall, the game is very user-friendly, and the game does not have a strong sense of oppression or tension, which makes players get relieved.

3. The home decoration elements are the essence of the game. By overcoming challenges, players will win blue maple leaves, which are used to paint homes, making the original black and white world gradually colorful. Players can decorate their homes with their styles and imagination in the game. Daily puzzles have also been added. A special challenge level will be provided every day. You can get gold coins and maple leaf rewards when you complete them within a limited time. You will also get additional rewards after completing challenges Day 3, Day 10, and Day 31 in total. After completing daily challenges, you can also unlock past challenge puzzles by watching the rewarding video.

4. As for monetization, a mixed monetization model of in-app purchases and advertising is adopted in this game. Among them, in-app purchases are used to remove advertisements, purchase gold coins, and purchase various gift packages, which include gold coins, props, lives, etc.

5. The interface of the game is full of creative designs. Players may see the yellow maple leaves falling from the top of the page, sunlight pouring into the room from outside the window, brilliant wallpapers with physical texture. By the way, the furniture and the color are customizable and players can fully apply their interior decoration skills. If you feel a game like Wordscapes Search is not that interesting and get bored after several levels, this game will be a good choice. I strongly recommend this game to players who are interested in design and match-3 games.

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