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Candle Craft 3D

Size : 99 Mb
Version: 4.5.1
Updated: November 3, 2021
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Version: 4.5.1
Updated: November 3, 2021

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Description of Candle Craft 3D

【One Sentence Introduction】

Candle Craft 3D game is a casual mobile game that increases wisdom and hands-on ability for all ages. Players create their candles of unique shapes and colors according to the level prompts of each level in the game. Anyone can complete the production of candles without trying hard to learn complex game rules and posture training, so the whole process can be easy and relaxing.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Polishing candles is especially stress-relieving. There are knives with different models and styles provided for players to use. The background music of the game is rather good, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The most fascinating part I think is you can get to know knives that are not common in reality. After candles are carved with various knives, the candles will take on a specific shape! This game will let you escape from anxiety and tension temporarily, slow down and enjoy the passage of time! It is actually very nice to distract yourself if you had a high-stress day and there will be outbursts of just pure anger.

2、The color and shape design at your will may stimulate your artistic potential and cultivate aesthetic ability. Making more exquisite candles will render you a sense of accomplishment. Forget about color theory in real life, try different color combinations, and unlock different color aesthetics! You will find that red with green in one candle will look great too!

3、The animation and sound effects in the game are well-designed, making you so immersive. With the 3D game design, the candle will be more authentic. When you cut the candle, you will see its debris. When the candle burns, you will see wax oil dripping continuously. When you successfully get "perfect", the game will give you a celebration with flowers and ribbons around the candles you made.

4、Show off all your talents and be ready to discover new ones since you can create a real masterpiece here. In addition, you have everything (molds, machines, tools, wicks, and a lot of colored wax).

【GameNomo's Review】

1. According to the instructions, firstly, you need to select the color of the wax you want to use. Then soak the candle in many boxes with certain colored wax oils.

2. Then pour it into a container heat it, and wait for the liquid to melt completely. It will be so happy and warm to see the candles melting.

3. Then pour it into the mold. After a short cooling, it can be perfectly shaped. The production of candle craft requires patience so that it can be made better and is suitable for killing time. As long as the mold has cooled, peel away the mold carefully. If you pull it too fast, the candle will crumble.

4. You can sell different shapes of candles at different prices, so please try to unlock various production methods! You will have a feeling of achievement and become so involved in the whole process: from the mold shaping to the lighting of the successful candle, and finally the successful sale.

5. Generally speaking, this game is free, but if you are loving the game you can purchase the no ad perk to get a better experience. Parents can play this game with their kids and not a bad way to develop close relationships. Moreover, this game is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you can give full play to your imagination and create the best candles. Don't miss a minute, play this wonderful game now!

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