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Merge Animals 3D - Mutant race

Size : 91 Mb
Version: 1.1.0
Updated: November 19, 2021
Size : 218.7 Mb
Version: 1.1.0
Updated: November 19, 2021

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Description of Merge Animals 3D - Mutant race

【One Sentence Introduction】

Build DNA to transform yourself as a runner and be the top racer.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Let your imagination run wild in the laboratory, you can fuse the DNA of different animals, and then inject them into your runners to create hundreds of genetic variations. Each variant has its unique genetic advantages that help overcome specific factors in obstacle races. In other words, for different obstacle scenarios, you need to create different creatures with genes that can win and show excellent strategic talents. Survival or die, there are more than 20 obstacle courses of different levels and various aspects which are conducive to the advantages of evolution. If you do not win the first time, try to merge other genetic variants to produce the right combination for the course.

2. The excitement of running a racing competition, colorful graphics, and cool character design. You will see a combination of imaginative obstacles and eye-catching animations.

3. Realize your crazy scientist dream in this fun, fast, and weird running game. Enjoy the time and play in the style of a crazy scientist. You may find that science is not always serious and you can have fun creating your characters.

【GameNomo's Review】

The stitched monsters (merge animals 3d) have extremely magical gameplay content. Players first need to create their characters after entering the game. They can choose cheetah legs, turtle shells, butterfly wings, giraffe necks, etc. to be spliced together. The characters are all odd and weird, and some stitches need to be selected according to the original characteristics of the animals so that they can get the top spot in the parkour competition.

A fun running game that combines strategy, lateral thinking, and crazy science. Use your imagination and stimulate adrenaline. Merge Animals 3D is a super fun game, all operations are very good and smooth experience. This game can bring you unexpected adventure interactions anytime and anywhere, and these levels require you to take risks carefully. You can participate in different stimulus PK, and strive to make human beings stronger. You can also create a biological combination of various animal DNA and human beings. They have the vision of an eagle, the power of a tiger, and the speed of a leopard. Unleash your imagination here.

The gameplay of "Merge Animals 3D" is divided into two parts, namely the combination of animal DNA and the racing in the level. During the combination process, the skills required for the level will appear on the left and right sides of the screen. Players can follow the corresponding skills and choose related animals. For example, when flying, you must use the DNA of birds such as eagles; when you encounter water, you can choose the DNA of amphibians or fish such as crocodiles; the fusion of different DNAs will greatly improve your ability. After entering the level, there is no need to perform too many operations, you can enjoy the heroic posture of the mutant creatures racing and racing created by yourself.

Show your talents and let your runners overcome all kinds of difficult obstacles to victory. However, victory comes in a hard way. Here you can experience various modes, collect materials in the game, and participate in battles. In this game, players can give new humans many tasks, and you can become a birdman flying freely in space. There is a very large topographic map to explore, and every creature can make itself stronger through continuous devouring. Hope you are not scared by the characters you created.

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