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Wordscapes Search

Size : 250.61 Mb
Version: 1.23.2
Updated: July 8, 2022
Size : 542.49 Mb
Version: 1.23
Updated: May 11, 2022

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Description of Wordscapes Search

【One Sentence Introduction】

Wordscapes Search is a casual and puzzle mobile game, players can play it on both iOS and Android systems. Just 10 minutes a day, you can sharpen your thinking!

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. According to the provided letters, find the letters among the scrambled letters that could be made up as words at a fast pace, and then these letters will become the same color. Players may find words on diagonal lines and swipe the given words! As you level up, you may find vocabulary more difficult! There, the "Fan" feature may help you blow away all unneeded letters!

2. Games to exercise eyesight and concentration. We often get distracted by daily errands and work tension, so it is high time to retake our attention and happiness. No worries about sophisticated gameplaying modes and difficulties since you can resort to HINT to find the first letter of a word!

【GameNomo's Review】

1. Wordscapes Search is a modern word search puzzle game that combines the best of Wordscapes, Typesetting, Transformers, and Crosswords. There are various categories such as baking, summer, and so on. It is a good choice for players who like card games. This is an educational game that tests players’ English vocabulary, players need to find the English words hidden in the letters and successfully connect them to complete the task. This educational game tests the player's associative ability and English proficiency and is suitable for users of all ages. Attracted by the style of Word Search, the gameplay is novel, and some levels get together. If you get used to it, you may know the routines. It is good to work on the whole, and it is also recommended for children to play. It could help children promote their language proficiency and word spelling skills, easy to start but hard to quit. Players can check out their daily gift every day, and you may get the experience of unpacking the blind box!

2. Word Search is simple with no fancy design and advertising guidance. Players feel more comfortable and immersive, compared with those games that are full of ridiculous ads. There are dozens of words that could be chosen as the target letters in a single gradient color background. The background of the pictures is in line with the given topic. Multiple colors and black letters seem to be so contrastive which grab your attention at the first glance. When you connect the letters as words, you may see they suddenly show one color, and this is the positive feedback given by the system.

3. The audio effect catches you, and feedback will be given in the form of encouraging words, visual effects, and audio effects. The screen may appear positive feedback like“Awesome”, “Fantastic” or “Great”. If you pass a chapter you can collect the coin into your account. When you use the “Fan” feature, you can see letters are flying away. Whatever, let’s have a go and more features such as leaderboard are worth expecting!

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