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Version: 1.19.3
Updated: November 5, 2021
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Version: 1.19.3
Updated: November 5, 2021

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Description of Wordscapes

【One Sentence Introduction】

It is a casual mobile game with word puzzle gameplay. Players only need to play for 10 minutes a day to optimize their thinking ways and kill their daily leisure time. If you are interested in this game, please download it now! By the way, it is still a mind-twisting game for all ages, regardless of grown-ups and kids.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Show your vocabulary skills by connecting letters and finding all hidden words. Players can start your text search with over 6000 crosswords!

2. It is a brain-twisting puzzle game that is best for mental workers.

【GameNomo's Review】

1. Wordscapes is a word-search game played by more than 10 million people! It is the perfect choice for lovers of crossword, word concatenation, and word transformation games, combining the advantages of word search games and crossword games. In addition, players can pay a visit to all the gorgeous scenery to relax!

2. Nothing special than other word-filling games, Wordscapes provides a game board with spaces. Your task is to fill in the words. Its gameplay is very simple: there are some scrambled letters at the bottom of the screen, and you search for hidden words in them. After finding a word, swipe from the first letter to the last letter, and it will move to the top of the screen to fill in spaces. What’s more, one of the most interesting features of the game is that players can also search for hidden words on the game board. There are thousands of words from hundreds of categories waiting for you to find, so it is a very good way to improve your vocabulary.

3. Players are required to find all the words among the massive levels. But if you are stuck in searching for the words, don’t worry. You can buy clues and give you hints for the first or two letters of the word. Enjoy the massive word puzzles in the game and show your language skills in the game. Incentive videos are available at all levels in the game, and a variety of ways to give away gold coins are attached to cultivate the habit of watching advertisements in the game.

4. WordScapes series products are designed as a relatively immersive casual text product. Moreover, this product has added a certain social concept of rankings. Game designers enhance the content of casual games and so attract players with the immersive theme of the game to a large extent. The game that tests players' eyesight and patience are waiting for you!

5. There are too few incentives advertising spaces in the game, so a huge room for optimization remains. For example, in the game, the player can click to consume items, and when the gold coins are insufficient, the incentive video guide can pop up.

6. The users are mainly middle-aged people, so the background materials are natural scenery pictures. The background music also shows soothing and soft tunes. From my point of view, this game is highly accepted by these people who want to keep living in a low step. If you like games such as TEXT OR DIE and Find Out, you will love it! For parents of K12 children, I highly recommend this game because it can be entertaining and educational!

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