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Updated: March 3, 2022

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Description of Wordle!

【One Sentence Introduction】

Wordle is a free mobile word puzzle that was created by Josh Wardle and initially launched out in the year of 2021.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. This game is very relaxing and requires almost no difficult skills. It can be played by any age group. And it is especially suitable for friends or couples to play together, which can enhance your relationship and help you have some good memories for you guys.

2. It can exercise the brain and is beneficial to the ability of logical thinking.

3. This game provides the same questions for all players at the same time, so if you can guess right quickly and accurately, you will also have a great sense of achievement.

【GameNomo's Review】

Wordle is a very special and addictive game. As a word puzzle game, Wordle is so simple that you can play it without too many efforts. You just need to use your thinking and creativity to guess out the hidden words. The most valuable thing about this game is that it doesn't have any advertising. It is literally ads-free, so players can enjoy the game without any trouble.

In this game, what players only need to do is guess words out by themselves. And the words in this game are usually not that complicated and mostly used in our daily life. Generally, the word is composed of five letters. However you could customize the length of the word sometimes, like you can shorten the length of the word to make it easier or to add the length to make it more challenging. It is up to you, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that we players can't create words by ourselves.

As a puzzle game, the interface design of this game is very concise and very comfortable. It consists of a group of 5*6 grids and a virtual keyboard below. All players need to do is type the hidden word using the keyboard. The grid is marked with different colors, and different colors represent different hints. If the grid is green, it means that the letter is guessed correctly and accurately; If it is colored in gray, it means that the hidden word does not contain this letter. Yellow means that the target word contains this letter, but you did not type it in the correct position. Therefore, this game is different from other puzzle games of the same type. Because many games only use two colors, and will only tell you one final result, that is, whether you guess it right or wrong, without giving you other useful tips. Therefore, to a certain extent, it can not only provide users the challenge of the game, but also make the players pass smoothly, so as to obtain a sense of achievement. All you need to know is that we must complete this task according to the existing hints. Also remember that every time you guess a word and type it out you should press the Enter key. In fact, we have six more chances to complete the task, but we can also do it all over again if we fail. There is an unlimited version.

However, there will still be some people who think this game is challenging enough for them. I can't deny it, but this is also the fun of crossword puzzles. That is, we try our guesses out again and again, and then according to the clues provide by the game, we rack our brains to figure the right answers out.

In a word, this is a very interesting game, you can enjoy it with your friends. Hope you all can download it!

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