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Updated: November 23, 2021
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Version: 1.9.2
Updated: November 25, 2021

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Description of Woodoku

【One Sentence Introduction】

Woodoku is a casual puzzle game developed by Tripledot Studios Limited, made of splendid wooden blocks, and is a simple puzzle game. Here the players will constantly use their ingenuity to figure out the final answer. A variety of games are carried out here; I feel the most exciting brainstorming, unique style of wood absolutely can bring you the best game experience feeling.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Woodoku was developed as a casual game that allows players to compete with friends worldwide. When connected to the net, each game can be played at the end of the game to see the relevant scores of players and the region. The gameplay looks a bit like Tetris, with a simple interface and the opportunity to change the shape of the box. After logging in, players can upload their scores and compete with all the players. In addition, players can choose their favorite puzzle modes, such as daily challenges, puzzles, and puzzle challenges. In addition, players can also receive gifts after winning the game and experience the game competition's fun. Blocks eliminate the sense of accomplishment of scoring points, especially the satisfaction of winning consecutive bonus points.

2. Drag the shape onto the panel and place it on the grid. Fill a row, column, or square to clear the box from the board. Clear multiple lines, areas, or courts to earn combo points! Clear yards for a winning streak on each turn! Earn as many points as you can beat your highest score.

3. The game interface is specific; the players grasp the game's rules in the shortest possible time and see the interface functions. In the game, the Woodoku blocks players here to do is all the wooden blocks according to different directions to fill; various effects can be experienced. Each level can give you the unique gameplay, hurry here to eliminate, constantly feel the game gives you individual fun. In addition, there are four kinds of props for the removal of braces; if the block is placed by mistake, please use props to remove it. Shuffle props; you can shuffle after the replacement if the wood can not help you. Rotate the brace so that the box can be rotated to place it in the target position. Destroy props; players can destroy the board in the designated area of the building blocks.

4. In general, Woodoku is a compelling game; to complete a woodoku score. Players need to maintain a long period of concentration, short periods of intense brain activity, and coherent thought require attention without distraction. At the same time, in the process of playing wooden Sudoku, there is often a time limit, which requires the players to think carefully, but also to pay double patience, take a closer look at how you can get higher scores and what shape you need to put it in. In addition, the images are beautiful, and the sound effects are satisfactory. A tactile gaming experience with a realistic tile design, relaxed gameplay, no pressure or time constraints.

【GameNomo's Review】

It is a device that will not take up space in a lightweight, small game. It can be played offline so that players can enjoy the classic anywhere. It's an exciting puzzle-solving process. Players can easily enjoy the fun of the game. There will always be a lot of random squares at the bottom of the game; players need to fill space to score points. Game mode and the difficulty of many challenges, players can choose their favorite level and situation to challenge. During the challenge, the player can see a lot of lovely puppet puzzles.

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