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Description of Township

【One Sentence Introduction】

Township is a strategy game featuring city-building and farming.

【GameNomo's Recommend】
In Township, players take charge of the whole town and a dream town can be built from scratch! Varieties of activities could be done working as a farmer in the town. When it’s the time to harvest, enjoy the happiness of gathering well-grown crops and processing them into by-products with the equipment and facilities. The revenue you have earned by selling those goods could be used to further develop your town at large. Apart from transactions within your town, you can also engage in international business and trade your goods with people from other countries. The game is more than farming. Various public facilities and buildings could be built and operated by you, ranging from restaurants, theaters, public services, etc. By constructing and opening a multitude of stores and facilities in your town, your life will be enriched and become even more colorful. In addition, you can also try to be a miner and dig resources in mines. Occasionally, ancient artifacts worth quite an amount of money might also be excavated by you. What’s more, if you are fond of animals, just raise both national and exotic animals in the zoo owned by you. In the expansive world of Township, everything is at your disposal! In Township, many buildings with different aims and decorations can be selected to customize the town into the city of your dream. Crops grown in the fields are also of varieties. You are not alone in the town because many residents living in the town with interesting and charismatic personalities will interact with you and give you orders that you need to satisfy with. Animals in the stables are cute and friendly, offering you comfort and making you forget the tiredness of work. Besides farm animals, a zoo can be kept to breed even wild animals for sure. Try to keep an intimate relationship with them. Apart from homemade goods sold to others, exotic goods could be purchased by other islands as well. To decorate your town as a whole, choose from world-famous landmarks and national flags from different countries. Landmarks are so classic, covering the Statue of Liberty from the United States, Big Ben from Britain, etc. You can share your gameplay moments with your friends on Facebook and Google+. In this way, a clan of best friends could be made in the game of Township. The game is free of charge despite the fact that the game still contains an in-game purchase option that could involve real money. To enjoy the game smoothly, an internet connection is a must so that you could enjoy the complete features of the township, including social interactions with your friends and competitions against others.

【GameNomo's Review】

As a strategy game, Township has indeed done a great job in building rich contents into the game, ranging from growing crops, processing products, selling, raising farm animals, managing a zoo, trading with foreign countries, decorating and developing the facilities of the town, etc. The game keeps entertaining players and provides them with a sense of achievement by allowing them to manage the whole town. Moreover, with all those amazing features offered, the game is still free of charge for players. Players can even interact with their real-life friends in the game and build clans to socialize themselves even in the game. Though an internet connection is required to play the game, it doesn’t outrun the advantages mentioned above. In sum, Township is a well-designed and meaningful game that could be recommended to everyone.

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