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Temple Run 2

Size : 117.44 Mb
Version: 1.94.0
Updated: October 7, 2022
Size : 241.03 Mb
Version: 1.94.0
Updated: October 18, 2022

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Description of Temple Run 2

【One Sentence Introduction】

Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run 2 is a legitimate sequel to its globally renowned running game: Temple Run, which not only continues the original adventure setting that allows players to infinitely escape from the demonic monkeys in hot pursuit and under the environment with a diversity of obstacles as well as traps, but also adds a host of new gameplay, props, and obstacles to give players a familiar but innovative game experience.

【GameNomo’s Recommend】

Have you ever felt a little bit bored and tedious of keep playing the best running game: Temple Run again and again? Have you ever craved for a running game as superb as Temple Run but with more novelty to come out and play? Now here in Temple Run 2, a more creative, more thrilling and more immersive escape journey is waiting for you to experience. As the authentic sequel to one of the most successful and popular running game series in history with more than a billion loyal players of its first edition, Temple Run 2 sticks closely to the original gameplay and setting, adding a number of interesting features as well as creative gameplay based on similar game mechanics and controls as the predecessor. Not only that, but when it comes to festivals such as Halloween and Christmas, Temple Run 2 will also have festive settings, characters, obstacles as well as other elements. Taking the upcoming Christmas season as an example, Temple Run 2 not only supports you to enjoy the classic gameplay or complete the global challenge, but also allows you to unlock the Christmas version of the escape journey featuring the Christmas Express conductor Watty as the main character, who will be running or sledding on the train tracks or in the snow to escape the demonic elk. At the same time, there are all sorts of obstacles full of Christmas atmosphere on your way to escape, and the collectible coins that you normally collect as rewards turn into candy canes, all of which are designed to be as festive as possible and give the game’s concept of escape as much meaning as possible.

【GameNomo’s Review】

In terms of practical experience, Temple Run 2 has perfectly inherited the essence and highlights of the previous edition’s simplicity and easy controls, and added more creative and engaging mechanics, as well as greatly improved the quality of the graphics and sound effects, which immediately captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. What enhanced my gaming experience and perception the most is definitely the overall upgraded picture quality in Temple Run 2. First of all, Temple Run 2 hasn’t completely copied all of the game elements from its previous edition. Instead, it has taken the essence from the dregs and abandoned the original outdated engine in favor of the more powerful Unity 3D engine. As a result, the visuals have been significantly improved compared to the previous generation. There was almost no sense of space or reality in the predecessor, whether it is props, coins, character animation or scene designs. However, the level of delicateness and high quality of smooth movement of all the elements in Temple Run 2 represents the highest level of the running game. For instance, the stains on the main character’s clothes are clearly visible. The shadow effects, which were basically negligible in the first generation, have been strengthened in Temple Run 2. Therefore, under different angles and different lights, the shadows of figures and buildings are really close to life. In terms of color, different from the darker shades of the first edition, Temple Run 2 is significantly brighter and players can clearly see all corners of different scenes. Overall, the graphics have been upgraded across the board and are satisfying to us.

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