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Tap Away

Size : 105.91 Mb
Version: 82.1.1
Updated: October 26, 2022
Size : 398.25 Mb
Version: 83.0.2
Updated: October 27, 2022

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Description of Tap Away

【One Sentence Introduction】

Tap Away, brought to you by Popcore Games, is a casual puzzle block-disassembling single-player mobile game which requires players to think strategically and tap in a logical order so as to disassemble the large block in front of them, which consists of several small squares moving in different directions.

【GameNomo’s Recommend】

With a similar core concept as Parking Jam, Tap Away is a casual puzzle block dismantling game where your ultimate goal is to make all the small squares fly off the screen by tapping on them in the direction they are marked, and finally to complete the dismantling of the whole large block.

At the same time, as a hypercasual game, Tap Away is surely friendly to players who take no interest in playing complex or laborious games. In order to keep you fully immersed in the mind-twisting but stress-relieving gaming atmosphere, Tap Away doesn’t have too complex controls in case you may consider it confusing or complicated. By simply tapping the squares you want to move out and swiping the big block to rotate its shape, you are able to easily find the breakthrough point and systematically remove all the cubes one by one from all angles without the slightest effort.

More importantly, what makes Tap Away stand out from other puzzle games is that it will make you feel more fulfilled and addictive the longer you play it. Don’t assume that the puzzle or brain-teasing game is too difficult for you to master. The truth is that, the game has a detailed tutorial for each new player to help them master the game quickly. And players are allowed to have a more progressive experience in Tap Away as it has bottomless levels with a gradual increase in difficulty where you may confront more and more complex blocks in each successive level. The more levels you go through, the more tricky the cubes will be arranged, and the more you need to burn more brain cells to successfully solve the puzzle.

【GameNomo’s Review】

Tap Away adopts a fully three-dimensional world setting, with each level equipped with a large block made up of a different number of small cubes. Under the extremely simple operation and rules, all the player needs to do is to click on the screen to break away each small cube from the mountain of large blocks. When all the small cubes are successfully disassembled, it means that the player has successfully passed the current level. However, that’s where the game gets tricky, as the small cubes moving toward different directions are intricately blended together to form the huge block in front of you, which requires you to give full play to your strong logic, deduction and breakthrough thinking to step by step solve this mind-boggling puzzle. But if you’re good at taking advantage of the help the game offers you, untangling the tangled blocks may be a piece of cake. Tap Away also provides a full 360-degree rotation mechanism, so that players can observe the eliminability of each square from any angle as well as more strategically choose the order of removing the cubes. In addition to the addictive and stress-relieving gameplay, the graphics of Tap Away are also minimalist but delicate, with all elements designed in a realistic and stereo way. The combination of the white background color and numerous colorful painted squares allows users to focus more on the content of the game and avoid being affected by other unnecessary elements. In order to facilitate players’ playing, the 360-degree panoramic movement allows everyone to operate with great assistance and also brings them a smooth and fluent gaming experience.




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