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Stone Miner

Size : 212.86 Mb
Version: 2.7
Updated: November 15, 2021
Size : 478.91 Mb
Version: 2.6.2
Updated: November 2, 2021

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Description of Stone Miner

【One Sentence Introduction】

Stone Miner is a very casual arcade game where you can drive your trucks and build your town. On the other hand, the game also provides rich settings for different minerals, from color matching to material settings, and each mineral has its own unique characteristics. The game interface is cartoon-style and makes everything so cute and funny. I bet that kids will love it, even girls may be addicted to exploring the new world and precious stones. Whatever, who can refuse the allure of shinning stones!

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The sound effect of the truck shaking and crushing the stone is very dynamic, and it has a magical power to relieve pressure. As you roll over the rocks, you feel like you're removing stress and moving over obstacles. Thus, this game will be a good reliever and time-killer in modern times!

2. Making your truck increasingly powerful is the most addictive part of the game. After crushing the stones, you can exchange for gold coins, and then upgrade the truck equipment by using the coins. Players can expand the island and crush the rare stones in exchange for more gold coins. Trucks are players’ weapons and they can occupy different islands with trucks!

【GameNomo's Review】

1. Welcome to "Stone Miner". Drive a truck to crush stones and sell the mined resources at the base. Get the funds to upgrade your truck to get more resources. You can also explore different types of islands, the farther you go, the more rare ores you will get. Try to upgrade your truck to make it more powerful. If the monster is caught by you, you could claim it, and the monster will start work and automatically make money for you. This game is suitable for players of all ages, especially for those who like an adventure. Treasure hunt movies have always been very popular. Adventure and treasure hunt movies have always been loved by movie fans, and the exciting pictures and curious storylines all attract the audience's attention.

2. The player controls the direction to play the game. Through the control of the direction, the excavator in the game can be used to dig, and the various ore excavated will be fully recovered. The player also needs to upgrade his excavator in the game to be able to do so. To deal with harder ore, download this game if you like it. There are also various trailers, road rollers, and bulldozers for users to use, which is very good and waiting for your exploration!

3. Each player can also meet new friends. This game allows players to communicate and play the game. The overall atmosphere of the game is relaxing and simple for all ages! And we can quickly complete a series of tasks. Upgrading mining machines will allow you to complete many mining tasks easily and obtain more mineral resources, enabling us to smoothly become the largest mineral tycoon and realize our mineral empire. But there are some drawbacks, for instance, your controls may be janky, and advertisements are intrusive. It is inevitable since the team has to develop their company and provide more fascinating games. I have dreamed of establishing a computer game company and bringing players happiness! Let the sorrows and horrible memories go for even a second! So let’s start the game, you may be the next empire in your mineral kingdom!

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