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Rope and Demolish

Size : 91.23 Mb
Version: 35
Updated: September 7, 2022
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Version: 7.4
Updated: August 27, 2022

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Description of Rope and Demolish

【One sentence Introduction】

Rope and Demolish is a demolition and decompression game with rich game content and simple and interesting gameplay, developed by VOODOO. The challenges here are very free, and you have to use each of the different tools properly to complete the challenge.

【GameNomo’s Recommend】

First of all, the game is so simple that any novice can pick it up quickly. What you need to do in the game is to demolish the building with steel ropes, and finally use tools to pull away all kinds of debris and bricks, so that you can successfully complete the task. It is worth noting that when demolishing a building, you need to complete the looping of various ropes in it. After binding, pull the rope with a car to demolish the building smoothly. This process is challenging, especially to test your ability to operate, and the viewing angle can be freely switched during driving.

Next, the hearty destruction experience is naturally a highlight of the game, which combines first-person shooting with simulated experience, where you manually controlling the movement of the rope. When the spearhead of the rope touches the building, it will stop and start destroying the building with the power of the car.

And with the power of spearheads and ropes, you can skillfully demolish different buildings. The game is full of fascinating mechanics and common sense waiting for you to explore. When faced with various buildings such as unfinished buildings and bridges, you need to completely demolish the buildings at one time with limited ropes according to the demolition method you designed.

At last, the gameplay of Rope and Demolish largely comes down to the simulation experience, so the ropes you control can shuttle between various buildings at will, wrap around the support points of the buildings according to your own preferences, and find the shortest rope to destroy the entire building. Of course, you must also remember to attack the foundation of the building as much as possible in the process, it will collapse instantly after being damaged, and your scoring efficiency will be higher.

All in all, if you are very obsessed with ropes and have a soft spot for demolition games, you must not miss this game easily. And you’ve probably never played anything like this before, but the Rope and Demolish controls are easy to learn and you’re definitely going to get hooked.

【GameNomo’s Review】  

From what has been discussed above, this is absolutely an awesome casual game from my point of view. Destruction has never been so much fun, and there are so many buildings waiting for me to demolish. From the actual experience, Rope and Demolish not only integrates the first-person perspective in the gameplay, but also provides players with a certain space to play. Control the spearhead and wrap around various support points in the world of full 3D modeling. The graphics adopts a 3D cartoon style, and the diverse scenes seem to exist. Players can swim in the world of all-round 3D modeling and control the spearhead to wrap around various support points. Here, you can explore your own mission world, create new gameplay, and improve your level. The game resources here are more diverse, in addition to improving your own challenge ability, there are different gameplay modes for you to choose from. Most importantly, you can vent here as much as you like. There are many types of buildings, and each type can be destroyed at will. Remember to pull the debris away at the end.


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