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Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!

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Updated: April 16, 2021
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Updated: January 24, 2019

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Description of Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do You Like Cupcakes? If you were running a store, would you be a good boss? Will you keep the store stable? If you're starting to get the hang of this, you cannot miss Papa's Cupcakeria to Go! The game was developed by Flipline Studios, a brand new version of Papa's Cupcakes for baking and decorating. Reimagine the gameplay and operation for the small screen to better get the game experience.

The game need costs $1.99. But I promise you won't regret buying it because you'll be adding icing to the cupcakes in a whole new way, and the touch screen will make you feel great! Select the type of frosting, and then drag the cake around as the frosting pours from above. This new approach gives you much control over how you decorate your cake like a professional.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The game is straightforward; you need to start the game in the cupcake shop between the four multitasking areas; a new control design can work directly in the palm of your hand. That means you can play the game anytime, anywhere, any time in a very relaxed way. Go to the order station and take orders from the odd customer in the lobby. Switch to the batter station, prepare the padded pan, and add the proper batter. Then it would be best if you moved to the baking Station, put the cupcakes in the oven, and waited for them to cook.

2. Then it would help if you went to Build Station to add icing to the cake. This is my favorite part, and I like to start with icing and TOPPINGS in real life. And decorate them with all kinds of vibrators and holiday hats. Each step is a hands-on experience that you need to drag and click during cupcake making.

3. To keep your customers happy, you need to earn more points and upgrade. As You Level Up, you'll unlock new ingredients for the store, and new customers will start visiting your Cupcakeria! A set of well-made cupcakes will also give you tips for spending money in the store, as well as mini-game tickets for use in the daily mini-game! When you reach a new level, the seasons and holidays in the game will automatically change, unlocking fresh holiday-themed ingredients for the store! They also include some holidays that weren't in the original version!

4. In the course of the game, you can also earn mini-game tickets while serving customers and use these tickets in the daily mini-game after each business day! You can win a prize in each mini-game, and you can use it to decorate your lobby. Earn all bronze, silver and gold stars in the mini-game to unlock rare bonuses! Many new additions to the game are not found in the original version of the game, including brand new merchandise for the latest holidays. We've also added a new holiday batter to the game so that every holiday cake will be even more unique!

5. By the way, I have to mention the icing and Toppings at this point. You'll be adding icing to cupcakes in a whole new way, and the feel will be great! The interface prompts you to select the frosting type and then drag the cake around as the frosting pours down from above. This new approach gives you much control over how you decorate your cake like a professional!

【GameNomo's Review】

Generally speaking, I like this game very much. It will make it worth your while to pay, as its custom shop-themed mock-up will appeal to the player first, then the simple gameplay, exciting gameplay will appeal to the audience more. In addition, this game needs to test the player's thinking and wisdom to operate, need specific operation ability. The game has many interesting guests, the game picture is clear, the operation is smooth.

The game is perfect for the players to make a variety of cake ingredients. Users can be based on individual needs and optional use; you can experience the cake shop in applying for various jobs and sharing different positions' work. It contains a variety of decorative cake elements, according to their own needs, the decoration of their own choice simple operation process, you can follow their ideas free production, convenient and straightforward.

Clean interface style, smooth Operation Experience, can be anytime and anywhere in the application of cake; it can help users improve their hands and imagination and stimulate their interest. Don't hesitate; try it now!

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