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Lash Salon

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Updated: April 6, 2022
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Version: 1.0.8
Updated: April 3, 2022

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Description of Lash Salon

【One Sentence Introduction】

Eyelash Salon is a casual game that simulates makeup and dress-up. Many creativities may be used to transform the eyelashes, faces, and costumes of characters in the game. The cartoon cute art design includes pictures and animations to make young at heart. Play games with unlimited joy and creativity, and find your happiness in a tired life.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

The first is a wealth of colors and dress-up tools for you to choose from. The 8-color dye box includes pink, red, orange, purple, blue, green, light red, and magenta, which players can use to enrich character makeup. Facial Retouching Choose from a variety of beauty tools including eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow. A variety of wonderful combinations can make your characters crazy. In addition to the modification of facial makeup, there are different styles of clothing and accessories to choose from. Girls like dresses such as skirts, dresses, and shoes, as well as jewelry including necklaces and earrings, and boys’ favorites include shirts and shorts. There are also a variety of popular hairstyles that can add to your temperament. Makeup, hair, and clothing can greatly enhance a person's temperament, from gentle ladies to street hot girls, I believe that people who love to wear and match will love this game.

Although the screen is simple, the gameplay is very rich. Players can feel the real environment from the game, where various characters need to make up, dress, and match the scene. Different scenarios will encounter various difficulties, and players need to formulate a response plan according to the situation. Switching every piece of clothing and accessories, easy mix and match clothes may spark different ideas. For example, the lashes of blondes are painted with a layer of blue mascara, and can also be painted with green and blue mascara. Love your makeup creation, from now on. When you complete a character face dress-up, the system will automatically take a photo for her, and then you will get your gold coins as a reward. Next, the player will also remove makeup for the character and so on. Under the tropical scenery, the sexy little dress and the blue-purple eye shadow add a sense of mystery. My favorite is the cropped navel, which can create a sexy and beautiful character.

The design of the game is very creative. For example, when the player enters the eye decoration, there will be a feather as a guide to starting the game. When the player applies mascara to the character, the eyelashes will also have a dynamic effect of stretching. When applying lipstick, players can also apply a rainbow-colored exaggerated lipstick to the character without worrying about the eyes of passers-by in reality. Players can also add colorful feathers to the character's eyelashes. The eyeshadow part can also be painted in any color you want. This game is perfect for beauty bloggers. There will also be pink hearts and shiny animations displayed in the eyelashes section, and interactions and surprises are always available.

【GameNomo's Review】

The sound effects of the game are just right, not particularly noisy. Players are placed in a quiet environment, choosing tools, dressing up characters, and completing eyelash transformation tasks. Various actions will have a sound effect to give you feedback. As the scene changes, the sound effects will also vary. Of course, players must also learn to match the characters with the most suitable costumes for the scene, so the blogger is you. Although too many ads appear when power-ups are used by players, playing offline may surprise you differently.


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