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Description of Homescapes

【One Sentence Introduction】

Homescapes is also a match-3 game, but the scene is changed to decorating a house. Come try this game and restore the former prosperity of an old mansion on a verdant street. Maybe you are also a talented interior designer.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

Match 3 games have always been characterized by a simple game design that is easy for players to learn. This game is no exception, and younger children can also enjoy this game and have fun. In this game, players need to complete colorful match-3 levels to qualify to renovate and decorate rooms in an old house. As in many exciting family stories, the player may also meet a playful and fluffy cat who will feel very warm in his company.

The graphic design is very cute and warm, and I believe many girls will fall in love with this game. The kitchen, hall, and other areas of the house are all carefully designed. I like its delicate style. The meticulously manicured lawns, the marks on the floor tiles, and the wrinkles on the sofas all show the impeccable aesthetic and superb skills of the designer. The switching of scenes is also very smooth as if paintings are displayed in the eyes of the players. It is a great honor to encounter such an excellent game design. The style of the game is also a bit funny. From the icon on the official website, it can be seen that a middle-aged old man is covering his stomach, and the water from the toilet is like a fountain. Players can see the panicked expression of the old man. The purple wallpaper and the white toilet form a strong contrast, and the whole picture gives a refreshing feeling.

Replacing sofas, wardrobes, desks with old ones, and each replacement item is equivalent to unlocking a level. This game decomposes match-3 products into different fun experiences. When players use various props, it is very addictive. Various elements are carefully designed, with wonderful special effects and unique scenes. Various elements can also be combined into new forms! In the process of building a home, players need to adjust the color, shape, and size of the furniture according to their preferences. Make it more coordinated with the whole room. The whole process has a very strong feeling of creating the house by yourself. You can decorate the room with a modern and trendy color scheme or a classic style. When your floor looks fifty years younger, you will have a strong desire to move into the house.

The entire sound effects section of the game is very American. From the very beginning of the game, there will be male voices in American English, just like watching an animation made by Disney. The sound of the old man's footsteps entering the room, the screeching of the wallpaper rolling off the wall, and the shattering of the floor being kicked all make it feel natural and lifelike. Especially the communication between the old man and his father and mom seems too warm. For example, “Mom, Dad, don’t worry! I’ll fix the floor. Trust me: the floor will never let you down again. When the task is completed, the system sends a small star and the sound is very vivid. It's like a magic wand.

【GameNomo's Review】

The game has a very clear storyline and nice background. I even feel so touched by their family life. When the character said he used to hide his treasure under that board when he was a kid, I just recalled my memory.

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