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Happy Color® – Paint by Number

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Updated: November 2, 2021
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Version: 1.8.3
Updated: November 25, 2021

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Description of Happy Color® – Paint by Number

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you like to draw? Are you a good judge of color? There’s a game you’ll love which is called Happy Color, a digital Color decompression game developed by X-Flow. Happy color is one of the most popular digital coloring casual games, with more than 40 categories of coloring, according to official reports. This work contains many players familiar with the painting for players to fill, suggested that like this type of game players try to download.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Happy Color is a number-based coloring game for adults. Many colorful and unique pictures can be painted in the game! The app makes coloring easier to start with and makes players feel like it’s never been easier, and it’s also friendly to beginners, people who can’t draw, and all the pictures have numbers on them. Open your digital coloring book and rediscover the simple ways to relax and color for fun. Draw and share your favorite coloring pages with friends and family so that everyone can see your beautiful coloring pages. All 6,000 images are freely available, including the following categories: Disney, Marvel, Animals, Nature, Places, Flowers, Interiors, Art, Birds, Food, Hobbies, Holidays, Messages, Tattoos, and Special categories: Mystery, Rare, Blend.

2 . There are many kinds of patterns in the game; players can challenge after the game starts, players need to fill in the colors according to the numbers in the ways; the operation is effortless, players can play the game by simply clicking on the screen. To my surprise, Happy Color lets you Color as you like, Color anime characters, plants, nature, and more, and we can upload our images; you can save them as wallpaper when you’re done.

3 . Every color page is unique, from people and animals to astronomy and history to plants and flowers you want here. The game takes up neither memory nor power, and players can come in and play whenever and wherever they want. The game has the function of saving and sharing. Good Pictures can be saved and shared with your friends. Suppose you wish to paint animals or flowers or people or whatever. Just figure out what you want to color in, like an animal, find your favorite animal, choose the Color according to the number and fill it in step by step. The most beautiful and exotic flowers have been painted into shape. You can find beautiful pictures of real places and unique buildings anywhere in the software’s coloring gallery.

4. Or some unusual hobbies, such as sports, music, board games, puzzles, and other fill-in pages. So, is everyone interested in the game Happy Color? This is a casual puzzle game; it does not take too much effort or time. You can get a beautiful painting or wallpaper. It looks very pleasing to the eye.

【GameNomo's Review】

Happy color digital coloring is a casual puzzle game; the game has a variety of pictures; players can choose their favorite patterns to graffiti. The game also has sports, music, board games, puzzles, animals, unicorns, mandalas, and more art to choose from it. And you can create whatever you want with your imagination; you can also refer to the original Color to copy and exercise the painting technology, which is very suitable for use to pass the boring time!

All in all, it’s a game worth downloading. There’s no age limit, no spending. Digital coloring, anytime, anywhere, no pencil, no paper. Easy to understand, perhaps using a hint when you can’t complete a full diagram because a tiny cell is hard to find. Simple and easy to operate, adults and children can quickly start. Find your favorite topics: Mandalas, animals, people, fantasies, children, and more! A variety of subjects, varying the difficulty of the drawings you find. Play asperses the Color, relax the body and mind, happy mood.

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