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Version: 6.23.0
Updated: February 4, 2022
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Version: 6.2.3
Updated: February 4, 2022

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Description of Fishdom

【One Sentence Introduction】

Fishdom is a casual puzzle game that nearly all players can get started.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

This game currently has millions of players who have left their opinions and experience in the comment area. There are hundreds of millions of users who have downloaded this product. There are also very high ratings for this game, it seems that it has achieved good commercial results and widespread recognition. I guess because of its wide user base, kids over the age of 3 can play the game. And, while the game offers users a free download and experience, the game also includes in-app purchases. In-app Products also vary and they cost from $0.99 to $148.98 per item.

The mechanics of the game are very simple. As long as you have learned some basic math, you can get started. A number will appear above the fish, and players only need to slide their fingers to pull the fish with the larger number to the fish with the smaller number to eat it to get points. You can buy fish in the store. For example, you can buy clownfish and it just costs 800 coins. And you can decorate your aquarium however you want, but decorations cost coins. The game is very user-friendly since it will note you that the mechanics such as clearing all the golden titles to beat the level.

Blue shells, white pearls, and red stars are all elements of elimination. They are small and cute and are quietly displayed in boxes, waiting for the player's finger to slide. After you complete the level, you will get a level reward, and move bonus. Hope you guys obtain much more coins to continue the game. Players may get a minigame as a reward for beating the level! You can choose to complete the game to get a prize. Generous rewards are waiting for your unlock. Small fish can also breathe in to cause the golden needle to drop, then it can pass through the waterway and prevent it from being swallowed by sharks.

Although it is an elimination game, the whole game still has colorful rendering effects. The characters of the game have a strong three-dimensional sense and a great texture. Blue is the main color, and the design team added a sense of light, shadow, and perspective, leading players into the real underwater world. There are all kinds of marine life here. There are also various reward boxes, fluttering water plants, and various game elements to match the new game theme. From the elimination of signs to the decoration of the scene, all modules are performed very well. Not only are the fishes in different shapes and colors, but there are also glittering gold coins and jewelry boxes in the game, my favorite mermaid in my childhood. It's sure to appeal to kids because this game is very cartoon-like. The color matching is very harmonious, which increases the beauty of the game and does not interfere with the player's line of sight. My favorite is the pink-purple scene, the pale green grass with the lilac trees is very dreamy. The whole sound effect is lively and lovely, and the system will give sound prompts according to the interaction between the player and the game, which is very immersive.

【GameNomo's Review】

I love the UI design of this game and the sound effect seems to be excellent. The timely interaction and communication also created a game that made me feel very involved. I just wish you have a fantastic experience here.

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