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Fill The Fridge

Size : 66.06 Mb
Version: 1.7.2
Updated: March 4, 2022
Size : 229.47 Mb
Version: 1.7.5
Updated: March 4, 2022

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Description of Fill The Fridge

【One Sentence Introduction】

Fill The Fridge! is a fun fridge-organizing mobile video game published by Rollic Games and designed by Gybe Games.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. You can relax a lot while playing Fill The Fridge! Because you can totally immerse yourself in it without thinking too many strategies etc.

2.Every level of Fill The Fridge! Just takes around a few minutes so it is definitely a game that is easy to kill time while waiting in a line outsides or chilling.

3.Fill The Fridge! can teach you how to organize your fridge in real life as well. This can provide you many ways that are efficient to make your fridge look more organized.

【GameNomo's Review】

I think the game with fridge-sorting as an element is very unique. I would highly recommend it to all of you guys.First of all, in terms of the art design of the game, this game simulates our daily life, and the refrigerator in Fill The Fridge also simulates the prototype of that of reality, which makes us feel familiar. The cartoon design of this game is very cute and stunning, and the colors ued in Fill The Fridge is also very bright, giving off an energetic vibe. This game will not focus too much to unnecessary details, because its main task is about organization. However, compared with many similar games which are usually in poor quality, it is safe to say that the visuals of this one is absolutely unparalleled, which can let players experience the fun of this game totally.

Secondly, the sound effect is also relatively clean and comfortable. The overall rhythm of this game will not be very tense and stressful because organizing requires some brain power.

The playing method and goal of Fill The Fridge are also relatively simple and clear. The game provides refrigerators with various capacities, a wide range of fruits, vegetables and necessities that we use on a daily basis .

Players should classify all the things you buy from the supermarket and put them into the storage box on each layer of the refrigerator. So your goal is to keep everything in order. For example, fruits should be separated and stacked neatly. Drinks should also be placed in order. Vegetables that you bought back from supermarket should also be grouped according to their sizes. There must be no waste of space. When we organize, we only need to click or just slide on the screen. When playing this game, you will find that the whole operation is very smooth and there will never be any annoying delay. Although there are still advertisements in this game, generally speaking, there are literally few advertisements compared to others, which will not affect our game experience.

In addition, Fill The Fridge can be said to be less challenging, but if you want to complete each level perfectly, there are still some difficulties. For example, the storage boxes of fruits and drinks have different heights and widths, so we can't make mistakes. Although the game provides the features of canceling the wrong clicks, it requires you to pay a certain amount of coins to use it. So if we make mistakes, our income will be reduced and the difficulty of the game will be increased accordingly. But I think on the other hand, it also enriches our game experience. The game also needs to be improved, that is, it should increase the richness of materials, which can make Fill The Fridge more challenging. I believe this will also be improved in the near future. I hope everyone can download this game to play, and then exercise their organizing ability.

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