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Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop

Size : Depends on equipment
Version: 1.0.48
Updated: November 4, 2022
Size : 265.70 Mb
Version: 1.0.55
Updated: November 4, 2022

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Description of Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop

【One Sentence Introduction】

Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop, developed by Alictus, is a hair-cutting simulation game set in a barbershop, in which players take on the role of a stylist and get the real experience of running a barbershop, using a full range of realistic hair cutting tools to trim the ideal haircut according to a variety of customer requirements and demands of hairstyles.

【GameNomo’s Recommend】

Same as most role-playing simulation games, Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop requires players to play the role of a professional barber to meet all sorts of needs of various customers. The difference, however, is that as a haircutting simulation game, Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop presents you with the best simulation of what happens every day in a real barber shop and the skills and responsibilities that come with being a professional barber. It will also enable you to have a sense of achievement as you will learn the use methods and features of various realistic hairdressing tools as well as plenty of professional styling knowledge, so as to meet the rich requirements of diverse customers’ hairstyles.

More importantly, what makes Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop stand out from other simulation games is that the overall picture of the game adopts a three-dimensional art style and simulates and restores various real sound effects in the barbershop in real life, which enables players to enjoy the smooth and vivid dynamic graphics in the process of playing, as well as the realistic sound effects when using all sorts of hairdressing tools, which greatly enhances players’ sense of engagement and immersion.

【GameNomo’s Review】

In general, Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop is a haircutting simulation game set in a barber store that requires players to take on the responsibilities of a stylist and make gradual progress in order to become the best barber in town as they strive to serve different styles of customers to satisfy their needs.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop is undeniably straightforward and easy-to-master even if you have no experience or knowledge of hair or fashion. Whenever a customer comes into your store and asks for a haircut, you are first shown a picture of their ideal hairstyle, so your ultimate and only goal is to perfectly replicate each customer’s haircut in the picture, thus can be considered a successful service. As you can see here, this is exactly the same as going to a barber shop for a haircut in real life. Specifically, the player first needs to choose one of the more than 20 basic hairstyles in the store, such as pompadaur or bald fade, depending on how customers want their hair cut. Then, the player will step by step finely trim the customer’s hair in layers, such as cutting the bottom half with scissors and then shaving off the bottom of the hair with a trimmer. You can only move on to the next step as long as you complete each step of trimming. Each level, that is, each customer’s styling services is composed of 2-4 steps, and each step has a completely different operation and experience. After the haircut is finished, you will also be given a photo comparison before and after the trim so that you are allowed to see if you have achieved exactly what the customer wants and where it is not perfect so you can pay attention to it next time.

It is also worth noting that Fade Master 3D: Barber Shop is not only a game that is very close to life so that players can quickly pick it up, but also a game without overly complicated controls in order to let you immerse yourself in serving your customers’ looks in case you may be confused. Simply by tapping to select the right hairstyle and tools and by swiping the screen to trim with a diversity of tools, you can realize making one creative and satisfying haircutting after another.

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