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Cooking Mama: Let's cook!

Size : 73.40 Mb
Version: 1.86.0
Updated: September 8, 2022
Size : 233.72 Mb
Version: 1.86.0
Updated: September 8, 2022

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Description of Cooking Mama: Let's cook!

【One Sentence Introduction】

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook is a cooking game enabling players to try out varieties of tasty food.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

Involving diverse cooking skills such as chopping, baking, and stewing, Cooking Mama Let’s Cook provides players with fantastic chances to meet cooking challenges, all with smooth controls. The visual effect of the game, thanks to the high-quality graphic designs, makes the dishes look so vivid and delicious that you will become hungry at one sight. In Cooking Mama Let’s Cook, to cook means playing mini-games. You will be required to challenge over 30 pieces of recipes and to complete those missions, just try your best in the spirit of a professional chef! In Cooking Mama Let’s Cook, you are more than a chief. Instead, you take charge of the whole restaurant. Cook delicious meals for your customers and make them happy together! To prepare ingredients for your food, your tasks in the game also cover activities of fishing, growing plants, and raising animals. You will enjoy the extreme happiness of harvest in the world of your own. By gathering the harvest, you can use them to exchange for Happy Foods for the use of your restaurant. In addition, though the game is a so-called cooking game, a game plaza exists in the game itself, containing over 30 kinds of mini-games, which could keep entertaining you when you want to try other types of games rather than cooking games. Those mini-games will sharpen your mind by providing you with great chances to exercise your brain. Just try your best to attain high scores. Furthermore, you are not alone in Cooking Mama. There are millions of players worldwide competing with each other for a name on the global ranking list. Weekly events will be held and try your best to hit the highest score and be famous all around the world! Lastly, apart from the cooking, harvesting, and mini-game feature, Cooking Mama also allows you to do a variety of other activities to have fun. For instance, to make your kitchen look more lovely, you can decorate it with many items. Also, the creative dish could be achieved by testing a mixture of different recipes. You can even what cooking tutorial videos for reference. An animation presenting to us the daily life of Mama can also be viewed. No specific requirements are set and there is an end of the game, so you can immerse yourself in the game completely without worrying about the results. The game can be installed on mobile devices supported by Android OS 4.1 or newer versions.

【GameNomo's Review】

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook is a well-developed and perfectly-designed hands-on cooking game featuring a variety of elements and activities. It is a comprehensive strategy game with rich content that could satiate the needs of players. Cooking Mama could trigger children’s curiosity and interest in cooking and teach them how to cook specific dishes. Other kinds of activities like growing plants, going fishing, and raising animals are also available in the game, which could keep players busy with the missions of the game. What’s more, the game also contains various mini-games that could sharpen players’ minds. There are still other features of the game not mentioned yet, including the kitchen decoration, recipe combination, cooking tutorial, Mama’s daily life animation, etc. Cooking Mama is definitely a wonderful game that successfully grabs the heart of players all around the world. The leaderboard displayed in the game even adds more interesting competitiveness to the game. The game is recommended to those who love cooking.

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