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Color Match

Size : 329.25 Mb
Version: 3.5.0
Updated: April 4, 2022
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Version: 3.5.0
Updated: April 5, 2022

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Description of Color Match

【One Sentence Introduction】

This is a niche game with casual gameplay. By mixing the given color options reasonably, you can create the same or similar color blocks as the required title and finally win the battles.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

Would you like to hear my recommendations for this game? Then you are asking the right experts. I am very familiar with the color matching mode of Color Match. As long as you constantly change the combination of colors in the game, you can create all kinds of strange color schemes. We all know that there is often more than one answer to a question, so the choice of colors can also be said to be varied. There are so many different styles of art shapes, which can definitely meet your discerning aesthetic needs. Speaking of which, although the main gameplay of Color Match is to assemble the candidate colors to form a color that looks similar to the target object. The real fun is actually to experience the funny when the color matching is inappropriate and then correct the previous mistakes through your efforts to achieve the joy and happiness of self-improvement. Specifically, Color Match has the following three main features, which are enough to arouse your full interest.

First of all, as you might not imagine, this game is also a learning aid. Why Color Match can win such a tall title? Simply put, this is largely due to its main gameplay in color matching. It is in the process of combining various colors that you can see the professional names of various colors. Crimson, indigo, olive, etc., are all knowledge worth learning and can become a necessary helper for English learners to expand their vocabulary.

Next, let's focus on the next feature. That is the content-rich window display system. Would you like to show your friends the color scheme you've designed, like a hunter showing off his loot? If you do have such a plan, then you have found the right game. This game called Color Match, as the name suggests is a competition for personal strength. Although the literal meaning refers to the collocation or combination of colors, in fact, it also contains the deep meaning of competition. This is often not discovered by new players who are just getting started. Only those in-depth players who have played a lot and seen a lot can discover the charm of the display system. You can publish your works in the electronic window, they are either funny, elegant, or full of players' own artistic fantasies. In short, no matter where the publicity points of the exhibits are located, you can always burst out with different passions and vitality. I seriously think that this is the part where Color Match deserves the most praise. It does not emphasize those false and real propaganda methods but gives real profits to players. Ultimately let players become the biggest beneficiaries of high-quality games.

The third point is an overview of the third main feature. Color Match provides a very convenient sharing function. A person's happiness is thin after all, but when you share your unique color scheme with your friends, you will find that the fun is really countless. For example, if you subtly mix several colors of different intensities together to create your fruit color scheme. Well, when you share it with your best friend, that guy will get excited and join the game.

【GameNomo's Review】

We all have to admit that finding a great game is as hard as finding an oasis in the desert, and sometimes it's just as hard to come by. So, once you've discovered a great game like Color Match, don't miss out on a great opportunity to taste the artwork. Hurry up and add it to your game inventory!


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