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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

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Description of Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

【One Sentence Introduction】

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game is a classic murder mystery board game, made by Parker Brothers and now owned by Hasbro, considered a classic family game for 2-6 players ages 8 and up. The player's goal is to be the first to correctly guess the murder victim, weapon, and location. I strongly recommend this game for all people and the reasons are as follows.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. It is the first choice for partying with family and friends. Experience the joy of murder and solving cases in chess and cards. The game time may be very long, and even a few games can easily make players fill a night with happiness.

2. Players can experience the thrill of solving crimes, the number of players increases, the game is more interesting and more exciting with less space, suspects, and weapon suggestions.

【GameNomo's Review】

CLUE is a classic suspense game. The reclusive millionaire Samuel Black was murdered in his mansion. Players need to be the first to solve the case in the game. Players can choose different plates, with the help of an innovative logic-assisted virtual clue table, explore their own path through historical and fanciful locations, and take notes to dispel misdirection.

The game begins with an aerial view of the eight rooms in the mansion, with a room in the center for a "secret" envelope containing secret cards showing murder victims, weapons, and locations. A grid pattern represents corridors between rooms. Among them, the 20 illustrated cards of the game are divided into the following categories: 6 suspects are Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, and Professor Plum; 6 kinds of weapons are candlesticks, knives, lead pipe, revolver, rope, wrench; 8 rooms, namely banquet hall, billiard room, greenhouse, dining room, kitchen, library, lounge, study. The game divides cards into three groups: suspects, weapons, and rooms, and then shuffles each group. Choose one from each group, face down, and slide them into the "confidential" envelope. Place it in the designated space in the middle of the motherboard. At the start of the game, each player chooses one of six colored character tokens, all placed on their designated starting point. Each weapon token should be in a room, placed randomly. During their turn, players roll a die and move the numbers their token rolls down the hallway until they enter the desired room. Players can move forward, backward, or left and right.

Once the player enters the room, they can announce his suggestion to everyone. If the player on the left has no announced card, the next player on the far left should show one. If no one has any advice cards, you can file charges, you can do it from anywhere. You can only make one charge during the game, so secure your data, open the envelope, and take a look at the cards inside. If you are right, the game is over, and you win. If not, you are now out of the game, but still, have to show the card to reply to someone else's suggestion. Deductive reasoning is the way to win leads. Players are better off taking notes, making sure you know exactly which items you're asking about, and keeping track of your leads. The game is more fun as players increase and remain exciting as spaces, suspects, and weapon suggestions diminish the possibilities. This requires strategy. Game time can be long, and even a few games can fill a night well.

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