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Version: 3.10.2
Updated: April 24, 2022
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Version: 3.10.2
Updated: April 25, 2022

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Description of Archero

【One Sentence Introduction】

A rush of pleasure generated by challenges, randomness and difficulty progression.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. You need a reasonable amount of dedication and learning to master the challenges.

2. The randomness always keeps the game fresh and surprising.

3. A good strategy takes the game to a next level.

【GameNomo's Review】

Archero is a fantastic game based on archery and adventure elements. Your main goal throughout the game is to grow stronger and stronger to deal with later enemies and bosses who are vicious and powerful. You need to collect upgrading items and many unusual methods to keep your health and damage higher and higher over time. All the rooms and items are randomly generated. This means, it’s mostly based on luck and how far you can upgrade yourself in a single run, but it also keeps things fresh and enjoyable so you will always find something new to explore in every single run.

The game is very unique compared to many other usual mobile games. Especially the element of randomly generated enemies of every single run, different abilities and different upgrades, which I have hardly seen in any other video games. Every time you discover a special offer such as finding an angel, it will give you an upgrade to your character. Every time you defeat a boss, you will have a chance to win a devil trade, which also makes you stronger by sacrificing your health. So the longer you play, the stronger you will be, but your abilities will be different in every single run.

The game is undoubtedly extremely fun. especially the random element that the game offers you. however, it can also be a little bit difficult for new players, because it demands a fair amount of reflex and dedication. You need to keep yourself safe from getting damaged while fighting with the enemies, and in this rain of bullets, it can be more difficult than it seems. If you can dodge very well and can also aim without much difficulty, and you still haven’t won, then it’s probably because you haven’t picked up the good upgrades. Like I said earlier, getting stronger is the top priority of beating the game easier and it needs some dedication and learning to get it right.

Though the game only lets you control the movement of the character and the direction where you shoot your tears, it required way more thinking than it seems, you need to keep an eye out for all types of different enemy attacks and to know what type of strategy to take. So prepare for some dying and trying till you get good at the game.

The game can be a little bit repetitive, but at the same time, it’s also full of surprises. Because all the elements, enemies and items are all randomly generated, making each run unique and different from the others. Some runs with good items can get very easy and you can kill even the final boss in a matter of seconds. Some runs can be so difficult if you have picked up the bad items and however good you’ve played, you might just end up losing. Though it sounds boring and unreasonable, when you play it, it gives such a huge pleasure and addiction that you just can’t resist, and I think that comes from the pleasure that is generated by gambling. Can you see the connection now?

In conclusion, the game is great, I’ve seen many people who enjoyed and loved the game. The challenges and randomness can be so fun to engage with. The game graphics are also good enough for this category and the soundtrack is beautifully created.

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