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Angry Birds 2

Size : 76.55 Mb
Version: 2.59.1
Updated: November 10, 2021
Size : 295.96 Mb
Version: 2.59.2
Updated: November 25, 2021

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Description of Angry Birds 2

【One Sentence Introduction】

Angry Birds 2 is a slingshot game where birds and pigs are targets, and you can start playing it at once with a free installation.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Various levels are waiting for you to challenge in a limited time. The platform will add more levels in regular updates and limited-time events, so players can challenge many levels and play hundreds of them.

2. Collect funny hats of different themes to enhance the birds' appearance, upgrade your flocks' fashion game and participate in special events. Players can also join a certain family to challenge and upgrade the birds, and create a powerful bird team.

3. Social interactions increase the game’s playability. You can also compete with other players to get the fun of achievement. Fight against your friends and other players and see if you are the best on the global leaderboards since this game is world-oriented.

【GameNomo's Review】

1. The best bird and pig shooting game in the world! Much identical to the Angry Bird 2, this game is also a puzzle game based on controlling slingshots to launch birds to strike buildings and pigs to save precious eggs. In this game, players finally have the opportunity to choose the firing order of the first three birds at their will. Players can freely decide the best firing order to get high scores according to different levels. There are two ways to kill the pig: The green pig in the game can be killed directly by using the bird; Or indirectly by hitting the building, and the pig is killed by the collapsed building.

2. The scene on the map is indeed far better than the previous version. The animation and pictures inside the game are rather impressive. Players can feel the weather changes are charming and delicate and see the beautiful sunset and stones of various shapes! All the objects and scenery are so authentic and well-designed, making you feel you are watching a movie and interacting will the characters in the movie. The game's soundtrack is as dynamic as ever, and the sounds of birds and pigs can’t be more familiar for game fans. Two auxiliary tools may help players out in this game and players can get to places they couldn't get to Anything that goes through a portal will come out at another portal of the same color, which dedicatedly widens the limited space and adds to the fun of the game. Fans are the strongest in Angry Birds 2, blowing anything that gets into the wind's reach. With the help of a fan, an ordinary angry bird can achieve a convoluted flight path that can only be completed by a long-billed green bird, so that the pig is more likely to be hit.

3. The last part is about the bonus and monetization. The props for daily tasks and arena rewards are money and feathers. In the current version, money can only be used to buy feathers, and feathers can only be used to upgrade birds. As a result of the upgrade, new flying tail effects can be unlocked. Besides, giving up a level or failing a level will reduce 5 points of stamina, so it is not wise to give up the game easily, and try your best in the game! The upper limit of stamina will reach a maximum of 30 points as the level is unlocked, and friends can gift stamina to each other.

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