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Airport Security

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Version: 1.2.6
Updated: January 27, 2022
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Updated: February 18, 2022

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Description of Airport Security

【One Sentence Introduction】

Airport Security is a mobile video game where you can experience the work of a real staff working in a airport. This game was published by Kwalee.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Airport Security allows players to compare different information, so as to exercise their ability of observing.

2. In addition, players can personally feel the hard work of security personnel and better understand the daily routine of security work in an immersive way.

3. Airport Security is simple to play and is a fantastic way to kill time and release pressure.

【GameNomo's Review】

Airport Security is a really interesting and addictive game. In this game, your role is an employee working at the airport. Your daily job is to check all kinds of passengers at the airport terminal. Because the airport is the main place for criminals to cause some chaos, so as the official security force of the airport, you have the obligation to find out who has the likelihood to create chaos in the airport terminal. There are many ways to find out the dangerous people hidden in the crowd. The simplest step is to check whether their passport information is consistent with what they say. Secondly, you will also take passengers to the security check to check whether they have dangerous goods such as guns and so on.

First of all, when playing this game, you will be attracted by the cartoon style of this game. The graphic quality of this game is very high, and the character modeling is very cute as well. You can pay attention to the image of passengers. You will see that there are different passengers at the airport, who have different skin colors, different hairstyles, and even various hair colors, So I think this game has made great efforts in designing character modeling. Secondly, this game simulates the environment of the real airport, so that you can actually experience what it is like to work in the airport. At the same time, you can see the details of many places. You can swipe the screen to enjoy anywhere in the terminal, and even you can see the files on the desktop, which is very clear.

If you click the "suspicious" button, you will find that the suspect will be arrested quickly. And when you ask other staff to catch the suspect, you would see the criminal crying on the chair in a funny way. That scene will definitely make you laugh.

Of course, the inspection work at the airport is not only to check whether the information on the documents is correct, but also to check whether the passengers have contraband, because if they carry contraband, the safety of the passengers of the whole aircraft will be threatened a lot. After tracing down the passengers with contraband, the airport will immediately detain them and you will interrogate them yourself. At this time, you will find that this game also allows you to have a lot of interaction with the suspect. All criminals will not admit that they are carrying guns in the first place. So should make them aware of their crimes, and at the end of the interrogation, many suspects will cry and admit their mistakes. When you see this scene, there will be a sense of achievement. After passing each stage of this game, you will get a lot of rewards, such as new outfits, and you can also upgrade your terminal to make its decoration more advanced. All in all, Airport Security is a very easy and stress free game. You can’t miss it! Download and play it now.

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