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The Game of Life 2

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Version: 0.2.1
Updated: November 24, 20
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Version: 0.2.1 - New Lunar Age world
Updated: November 24, 2021

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Description of The Game of Life 2

【One Sentence Introduction】

The Game of Life 2 is a casual digital chessboard designed for players to progress around a virtual chessboard as they gradually gain a career, find love, and more. Just like in real life. You compete with three other players and whoever has the most money left is the champion. I highly recommend this game, which allows players to start a game in which they control their own destiny and become various characters.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Players can have choices in the face of a different life, players do not need to be afraid of failure, the life in the game can be restarted. So, play it boldly.

2. In the game, players can define their own life and experience being the master of their own life, which is very interesting.

3. There are stand-alone games where players can play against AI and online multiplayer games where players can connect with their family, friends, or people from all over the world. Even without internet, simply pass a device between up to 4 players for a wifi-free offline experience.

【GameNomo's Review】

The Game of Life 2 is a life board game that shows players how to grow and win. Players can choose and customize their character, customizing their style to their liking. Players need to compete with three other players, and whoever has the most points at the end wins. Working to earn money is the best choice, but players can also get rewards in three categories: knowledge, happiness, and wealth. The different squares on the board let you There is an opportunity to score points in these categories, while also helping players make more money through their careers. In some blocks, each player can stop, and you can re-choose your life. Such as whether you choose to stay single, have children, or adopt a pet. It's very interesting. Also, on other squares, you can pay other players to choose whether to pursue a hobby or spin the wheel. Each participant is assigned a number, and when the player "rolls the dice", if the rolled number lands on you, you get more cash. Are players for the millions or the good times? The Game of Life 2 is about more than money. Gain attributes of happiness, wealth, and knowledge, and the final score will summarize your achievements.

Players can also unlock new characters, costumes, and vehicles by playing the game and earning rewards. Puzzles can be unlocked through achievements, including collecting 60 happiness points, traveling 100 spaces, and collecting $5,000. When a player collects 6 puzzle pieces, you can unlock a bonus item, 8 per world to unlock. Choose your favorite map now and enter the wonderful world, the classic turntable, the mysterious city. Start your own life.

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