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Paper.io 2

Size : 90.18 Mb
Version: 2.1
Updated: October 22, 2021
Size : 362.89 Mb
Version: 2.1
Updated: September 16, 2021

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Description of Paper.io 2

【One Sentence Introduction】

Another competitive game to come, like arcade games, cannot miss! The game players need to control the form of small paper ball competition, enclosure battle, and a multi-player competitive survival hand game. The final who control more territory will win, the game is full of fun, play Rich Wonderful, interested players can download the experience!

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. The game is straightforward; this is a multi-player competitive Io game; in the game, players need to control the different colors of the area to fight. It would help if you took more territory within the stipulated time, see who occupied more territory with winning. There are many players in the game for online competition; control your small paper ball for enclosure battle, with blocks and lines to make the scene mode. The thrill of racing against opponents to see who can occupy the most land first keeps the player restless.

2. Using various ways, successfully occupying more territory, obtaining the final victory, a simple operation, using the paper ball in the scene to draw a large pattern, occupy the region to score points. You need to draw a full circle occupation map in “URL”2 and play online against other players; in Paper.io 2, make your map bigger and fail if you hit other blobs; In paper.io 2 has their proprietary color challenge, very addictive magic play.

3. In addition, you can make your map bigger during the game, but you will fail if you encounter other paper balls; is this rule familiar to you? Does it look like a snake? Each player has its unique color challenge, a very addictive magic play! To draw a complete circle of occupation map, online and other players to fight; the game, although has a simple method of play, control your paper ball in the field to draw occupation of territory, get points. Simple game screen style joined the core of the physical mode of work, the drawing of lines scene; online PK many different players, random match, in the exact location, to compete.

【GameNomo's Review】

1. Whether you’re bold or cautious, finding the space to outmaneuver your opponent is the best strategy. You need to be careful because your weakness is your tail, and you will die if your opponent touches you. Also, keep in mind that in your field, nothing is impossible in Paperio2 Android games, theft is legal, and your competitors will do the same. Because at first, I was confused because I didn’t understand the rules of the game, and then I got familiar with it and realized that it was just like a snake but not the same. Is it easy to achieve your goal so soon when you have the largest territory? Paper. Io 2 seems like a simple game to start with, easy to play. But note that it’s not as easy to master as it looks.

2. It would be best if you keep expanding your map but be careful not to let other players touch you, the game screen colorful, beautiful picture. It will not be drained to play because it is fingertip competition, unlimited creativity. In the game process, time is limited; the charm is infinite. Although the game seems relatively simple, the whole game is still tough to operate. Find the simplicity and strategy in a unique graphical universe, a relatively sensual way of devouring gameplay, a whole new dimension to big battles.

Generally speaking, the game looks simple but has specific difficulties; the one not too good point is that the advertisement is too many in the game, and the time is very long, some affecting the player’s experience. Finally, in this game, a secret is to be careful to get ahead, because not to conquer all the territory of the last moment, the final winner can not be revealed. Theft is permitted, and your opponent will not hesitate to do the same.

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