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My Little Universe

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Updated: November 17, 2021
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Version: 1.10.0
Updated: November 21, 2021

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Description of My Little Universe

【One Sentence Introduction】

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could one day build your planet? There is a game called My Little Universe, produced by SayGames Ltd, about open-world adventure simulation games. Players in the game to various planets adventure, mining, construction facilities, smelting metal, kill monsters, collect all kinds of resources to repair the spacecraft on an experience of yourself.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. "My Little Universe" may seem like a cross between Farmland and Moon Pioneer, but it's a story without a word. Players fly spaceships to land on various planets by exploiting multiple resources, collecting raw materials, killing monsters, and access to the ultimate return to space energy. The game provides more than ten different types of environments, 15 natural resources, including Yeti, elves, and other eight kinds of enemies. You're going to build beautiful, beautiful planets here. Experience the sense of achievement from scratch, simulate the construction and operation of their own planet.

2. "My Little Universe" is a simple and rich game in which players dig, mine, and synthesize resources for mysterious adventures on a round planet by opening up land, building houses, and killing enemies. Rich resources bring a variety of mining tools and provide a wealth of refined products. Are there many colorful planets waiting for you to open? You will encounter ingenious obstacles, complete collection missions, explore new areas and find the resources needed to repair the ship.

3 ."My Little Universe" game screen style is unique, charming, simple style plus the overall color collocation. I used bright and bright color collocation to bring users a comfortable visual experience. At the same time, the sound effects work very well together. The overall interaction of the game is outstanding; in the game modeling, the ground used hexagon design, minerals, trees, and a variety of processing buildings, as if to a new world in general. More characteristic is the perspective of the game, the unique spherical ground to bring the players a new experience, with the view of God, as if the real God is guiding human wasteland in general.

4 . From My own experience in the last few days of testing, My Little Universe has already grabbed the players' attention in the first place with its rich and colorful scenes. The unique spherical location with God's perspective, players like the general reclamation of the barren planet. The unknown plot, rich resources, collection, smelting, forging, construction, exchange, mining, and other operations will step by step lead players to build the planet into a beautiful garden.

5. Create your universe, a new planet, and Great World to explore. Fun and exciting Star Trek, bringing new national super leisure entertainment challenges. Classic sandbox construction games, cartoon 3D World Exploration, visual experience more exciting. To explore in their ships, unlocking maps and encountering new landscapes. Mining, studying, building, interacting with space merchants, making more gold coins.

【GameNomo's Review】

All in all, this is a game I highly recommend; my universe is a novel style, relaxed, full, fun simulation game; here you are the creator of the universe, God, of course, you will encounter the dangers of all kinds of strange races. You can do whatever you want in this cartoon universe, digging up wasteland, planting trees, mining treasure, and so on; operating freedom is exceptionally high; you can play exactly as you like. And the funny little rubber man looks ridiculous, beating the guards to create your little universe. The free game on Google's official App Store is high on the list, with more than a million installs, rated as suitable for teenagers and containing certain erotic content with a rating of 4.4. It's a game that allows you to relax and develop patience. So, don't hesitate it just download it right now!

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