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Like a Pizza

Size : 67.11 Mb
Version: 1.55
Updated: August 1, 2022
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Version: 1.50
Updated: July 25, 2022

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Description of Like a Pizza

【One Sentence Introduction】

Like A Pizza is a very interesting casual simulation game for making Pizza developed by MondayOFF. In the game, players will become a Pizza chef and use their excellent cooking skills to make Pizza that everyone likes.


【GameNomo’ Recommend】

First of all, this is a great game that players who love casual games and simulations shouldn’t miss. Simulate all the process of making pizza, let you experience the fun of cooking food immersively and make a sumptuous meal. Here you can run a pizza shop of your own, meet the various requirements of customers, and quickly upgrade the pizza shop. At the same time, making a one-of-a-kind pizza is very simple, as long as you use your imagination to create creative dishes.

After that, this is also a casual game suitable for all ages. This game will make you very decompressed. There are wonderful modes and new gameplay, which will bring you a very interesting management experience. Even if you are new to the game, there will be a process of making pizza, and you will learn a lot about pizza making while playing the game.

And even if you are a novice player, don’t worry about how complicated the game is, you will be familiar with this game quickly. You only need to click on the ingredients on the screen to start processing food. If you want to become a chef, you can constantly hone your cooking skills and grow rapidly. As long as the pizza you make makes the customer happy, the customer may also tip an extra tip, making your profit even higher.

Finally, the color of the game graphics is bright, and every ingredient looks delicate and dripping. You can make good use of these ingredients to make all kinds of delicious pizzas that make customer appetite. Be the owner and chef of a small pizza shop, experience the joy of opening a pizza shop, and have friendly interactions with customers.

From what has been discussed above, you must be careful in the process of pizza making, and make more delicious pizzas to be recognized by customers so as to bring more customers. The ingredients you unlock can be used to make the pizza they want according to the needs of the guests in the game. The process of making pizza in the game is actually very simple, you can easily control it at any time, and you will be very happy to play. 

【GameNomo’s Review】

To be honest, it’s actually a fun game and easier to pick up than other games of its kind. For some players, this game may be simple and repetitive, but if you enjoy making pizza, you will love this game. As for the style of the game, it’s more casual that you can play it anytime, anywhere. In addition, Like a Pizza is a very novel simulation game, in which the casual gameplay allows you to take a better adventure, and the unique gameplay content allows you to make better choices, so that give you perfect gaming enjoyment. In addition, playing this game can let you experience the feeling of being a boss. The more tasks you complete every day, the more coins you will win, and the more various ingredients you buy, the more delicious the pizza will be. Of course, if you like casual, simulation games, you can try this game and expand your small shop into a huge pizza shop step by step.

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