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Forensic Master

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Updated: November 28, 2021
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Updated: November 21, 2021

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Description of Forensic Master

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you like forensic TV shows? When you were a kid, did you ever dream of being a court doctor when you grew up? Forensic Master by Ruby Game Studio. This is a forensic theme simulation experience freehand tour. Players in the game to play a senior forensic, the full use of their professional skills, provide all kinds of clues for criminal cases, to help the police to catch criminals and bring them to justice. The game is full of rich content, playing a variety of vivid pictures of the lovely small game.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1 . The screen is good with 3D simulation gameplay; the real sense of empathy experience lets players have a real sense of occasion. To sum up, the gameplay of Forensic Master is rich in content and distinct in personality. With the help of the hands of a medical examiner, players experience the vast majority of the operations required in the process of collecting clues, from the simple collation of the body to the repair of the face; from the search for wounds to determining the cause of death; from the exploration of the scene to the search for the props of the crime. It can be said that everything goes to extremes. Almost any kind of forensic work you can think of can be experienced in this book.

2. The Forensic Master is safe and terrifying. On the one hand, the game's subject matter has dissuaded most users; on the other hand, the lifelike shape, blood loss, and coldness optimized have dramatically reduced the discomfort of the crime scene, the same players feel significant pain. Perhaps when you do not know the game, it will be the level of the exquisite shape of comfort, but when the truth of the moment, I believe that few people can calm down.

3. From my experience, "Forensic Master" as a theme for the selling point of a free leisure tour, with the help of the level design and closely related to the Forensic profession, will be a variety of standard play and game content close fit to create an atmosphere of horror. Again, collocation is exceptionally high-quality art content, from the aspect such as the design of game and experience only, still can point to it. But whether it's a career in forensics or a thrilling game character, it's enough to make a daredevil user feel uncomfortable enough to give up on the game altogether. The whole process of simulating a detective's investigation is fresh and exciting.

【GameNomo's Review】

1. Forensic Master is a Forensic theme of leisure hand tour because the game's content and Forensic thriller are closely linked to the profession, resulting in much mysterious color. As a forensic game, even though the gameplay seems familiar, such as moving your joints to sleep, adjusting your facial expressions to make them more natural, and looking for objects through perspective, it's not so pleasant when it's all done on a corpse. In a variety of different crime scenes, I use my excellent observation and analytical reasoning skills to play detective and solve murder puzzles in an immersive manner.

2. Add something new, add a little more fun, add a little more variety, have an excellent picture quality, have fun solving puzzles, and don't miss a detail to find the killer.

There are many game scenarios in the game that need to be challenged. Different methods have different challenges to accomplish; feel free to play various games and play a variety of ways. Many choices will give you an extra challenge; the whole story of the game will run through the main character and NPC characters in different story settings.

Generally speaking, this is an exciting game, but it is not recommended for teenagers and younger age groups. Some of the content and graphics may be disturbing but don't miss out if you like this game for adult gamers.

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