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Castle Raid!

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Version: 1.9.3
Updated: November 16, 2021
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Version: 1.9.3
Updated: November 20, 2021

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Description of Castle Raid!

【One Sentence Introduction】

 Castle Raid is a very fun war-themed strategy game released in the year 2021. In the game, you need to control your army for further advancement and choose the right time and the route for your army by mowing the grass. Your mission is to fight against the enemy waiting in the opposite and let your soldier number grow the most.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

 1. the gameplay is pretty unique and fun. The player can easily play the game by mowing the lawn to create a route for the army to march ahead, each level of the path forward is set up with diamonds and other prizes or tools, so while enjoying this game you can get a great sense of achievement.

2. This game requires a lot of strategies, which makes it more enjoyable and playable. Because there are also enemies and a variety of traps and obstacles along the route, a little bit of carelessness will lose you a considerable number of troops, or even direct total destruction.

3. The process of making your troop advance is such a stress-reliever, and you will get relief by seeing the grass is mowed. Players can relax and enjoy the charm of the war.

【GameNomo's Review】

As for the actual experience, "Castle Raid" is like a strategy game that allows you to exert your intelligence . And the game has many levels, with each level requiring the player to anticipate potential risks such as enemies and obstacles based on the current map.

What is the most tricky in this game is to find the best route for your army to advance, and risks and rewards usually lie in the same direction so needless to say if you choose a conservative and safe path, you will get fewer coins, and the high-yield route is always accompanied with plenty of challenges. It is totally up to you about which path to take.

After all, although the game, on the whole, is not that difficult, especially in the early stages, getting the complete diamond reward is definitely not time-consuming, but the process of getting the perfect reward still requires a little effort. With some tips and skills that help your troops not bump into obstacles such as a wall of bricks or enemies, you would ace this game.

Understanding the classes of your soldiers is highly essential. There are knights, archers and so on. Every kind of soldier is with different functions. Archers can fight back the enemies from a far distance so you can put them in the back. And knights are the best at strength and damage so you make them in the front line to attack enemies. You have to flexibly use different soldiers to make sure you win to the last. With the levels going up, you will unlock various maps and surely they will be more unpredictable and difficult.

What’s more intriguing in this game is the sound effects. It helps you to focus on the game and get tons of fun. Especially the sound of mowing the grass and the battling are amazing. Anyways, you can not miss this game!

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