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Boss Life 3D

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Version: 1.0.82
Updated: November 26, 2021
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Version: 1.0.75
Updated: November 23, 2021

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Description of Boss Life 3D

【One Sentence Introduction】

Do you want to be the Boss? Do you want to know what it's like to be the Boss? BOSS Life 3D, you can't miss it! This is a free hands-free simulation of the Boss making various decisions launched by Alictus. The player plays the Boss of a company in the game, walking into the office to enjoy his life. You can choose to hire different types of employees, trick them into putting their resumes in the Shredder when interviewing new employees. You can get a sense of how happy Boss's Day is compared to the day-to-day life of an office worker.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Simulation game for everyone is straightforward to operate; the Boss of Life 3D is an exciting way to play the workplace simulation tour. In this game, players will play the role of the company's Boss, management of their employees, a reasonable investment plan so that their companies continue to grow and profit. It would help if you had more money to expand and company, to become the most successful business tycoon. Freedom to build and run your company, players, can produce more products themselves. If you're not the boss in real life, play games. The immersive experience of authority as employees line up to sign on, hire and fire employees, and give them raises and cuts.

2. Meet customer needs to increase revenue, make more different industries, and expand the scale of your business. "Boss Life 3d", another prevalent theme of the hand tour, has a very hot sensitivity. Compared with the daily 996 office workers, the everyday life of the bosses is more enjoyable. When you work hard for results, the Boss will trick you; when your results are encouraging, the Boss will reward you. Even recruiting and interviewing people has become the joy of the Boss's life. There is a greater sense of happiness in being in control of an interviewer's life than in sending out a resume in the hope of getting a job offer.

3. BOSS Life 3D introduces various play methods such as selection, shooting, puzzle, simulation, reaction, etc., aiming to combine multiple forms of interaction with the daily leisure Life of the Boss, creating fun, leisure, puzzle game experience. It's a lot more fun than some analog games we've seen before, and the graphics are fluid. Here, you need to select the right employee according to your resume's salary requirement, working efficiency, and working time. You can also use the paper ball to remind the employees who are trying to fish during working hours; occasionally, a coffee maker and fresh milk are needed to make a tasty beverage for the staff.

4. "Boss Life 3d" has adopted the General 3D art style; no matter if the game scene or the character's modeling presents the standard European and American style, the harsh lines are very lifelike but lack exquisite depiction. Of course, this doesn't have much of an effect on the player's gaming experience. In addition to the modeling setting, the color aspect has also used the European and American overall high brightness. The high saturation setting draws to supports the intense bright color to bring the player the intense color visual experience. It is worth mentioning that the boss raises the pistol type tool, quite interesting, appreciate who, with the salary gun to shoot him!

【GameNomo's Review】

Overall, I highly recommend downloading this game. From my trial experience, "Boss Life 3D" is a blend of many games to play when the Boss is the theme of Leisure Hand Tour. It caters to the general public's curiosity about the daily life of successful people so that more ordinary users can experience the life of the so-called Boss and successful people according to their ideas. This alone is enough to conquer the vast majority of the average user.

If you want to experience your Boss's Day to day Life if you're a multiplayer gamer, and if you're a fan of 3D simulation games, don't miss out on Boss Life 3d. However, there is still a drawback is a lot of advertising, the time is also very long, about 30 seconds, to be prepared!

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