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Flex Run 3D

Size : 61.87 Mb
Version: 1.7.0
Updated: November 17, 2021
Size : 202.53 Mb
Version: 1.8.0
Updated: November 18, 2021

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Description of Flex Run 3D

【One Sentence Introduction】

Flex Run 3D is a game released in December 2021. This is a game in which you have to bend the game character’s body in order to avoid the incoming obstacles such as desks, beds, and dressers. And in this game, your character can be really talented and flexible to perform any challenging posture such as a handstand or a split.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. Flex Run 3D is a game that doesn’t require too many techniques so it is totally player-friendly. It suits players of all age groups. So you can enjoy this game with your kids or friends.

2. Besides, this is a music-themed game so you could enjoy the amazing soundtrack in it, and also your accuracy to change the shape of your character would be greatly improved if you successfully recognize the music pattern.

3. Finally, you will feel a sense of achievement after completing every challenging level. And at the end of each completed level, you will get a chest that is full of gems. Although actually, you can not use those rewards to buy anything in the shop like equipment in the game, they can still be seen as the scores you take.

【GameNomo's Review】

It is safe to say that this game is the kind that could exercise your fingers and may help your reaction speed. Although there are basically no skills required in Flex Run 3D, you may still fail a level if you are not flexible and quick enough to dodge the upcoming obstacles. When you finish one level then you will get a chest which may be loads of gems that can upgrade your workout studio in the game. But don’t get too stressed to get the gems in case you forget to notice the obstacles on your way.

With the level going up, the obstacles will increase slightly, and also the gap between the obstacle furniture would be harder for your character to fit through. But the level design of this game is really friendly so you won’t feel the dramatic difficulty difference between levels. What’s more fun in this game is that you can change your character image if you get tired of using just one, so you could have tons of fun seeing your favorite character doing some difficult yoga moves which you can not perform.

Here I can provide you with some tips that you can keep in mind before starting this game. The key to successfully passing every level is to be very attentive to your character’s shadow. If the shadow of your character is projected on the upcoming obstacles, then you have to quickly change the shape of your character so that you won’t bump into any obstacles. Also, make sure that you focus on the game as soon as it starts, but don’t be too stressed or worried about this game because in the beginning sometimes the original posture of your character is in a perfect posture to dodge the obstacle so don’t rush to change the shape in the very first place. And along the way, you will see a lot of gems lying on the ground which may attract you to pick them up, but remember that are actually scores of each level. If you don’t get too many gems that is fine as well, so keep in mind passing the level is the most vital thing. Hope you guys can have fun in Flex Run 3D!

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