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Helix Jump

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Version: 3.9.3
Updated: October 22, 2021
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Version: 3.9.3
Updated: October 25, 2021

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Description of Helix Jump

【One Sentence Introduction】

Helix Jump is an addictive action game that was initially released in the year of 2018. In this game, what you need to do is to slide your finger to control a jumping ball to make it smoothly fall down through a helix tower which is full of cracks between layers.

【GameNomo's Recommend】

1. If you are a huge fan of some simple and enjoyable games, then Helix Jump is undoubtedly the best option for you. The game only requires players to use one finger to control a jumping ball and make it jump down through one tower maze.

2. In addition, the real visual effects and the sound made by the bouncing ball can be really relaxing. You can totally indulge yourself into figuring out how to score more. During the process, your pressure can be dramatically relieved.

3. And you can also feel a great sense of achievement while playing it because the more layers you successfully pass through, the more scores you would get. But it will get more challenging when you are closer to the bottom of the tower so you have to be more careful and flexible to proceed.

【GameNomo's Review】

The game can be more than fun and challenging. And the unique 3D colorful visual graphics and amazing background music can make you focus more on this thrilling game.

It is also friendly to almost all age groups. You can enjoy it with your kids and you can also compete with your friends in this game. The gameplay is quite simple. Because you just need to put your finger on one bouncing ball and let it fall down through a tower which is made of a series of cracked layers. The more platforms you pass through, the more scores you get. And the floors of this tower can be endless so push your limits every time you play it. If you are a person who craves challenges, try this game out!

Remember to make sure you slide the ball in time and never let it jump down onto the layer. You could die in this game immediately once this ball touches on the layer. And if you, unfortunately, let this bouncing ball collide with any floor, you can choose to watch a pop-up ad that won’t last more than 15 seconds, then you can revive and continue from where you died, and you won’t lose the points you scored before. Isn’t that an amazing design?

On a side note, here is a tip for you to proceed further in this game. Once you successfully make the ball pass through three or more layers at once, the ball can be equipped with a momentum that can knock down several incoming layers. But be careful because the momentum may not last long, so you need to spot the incoming cracks every time and jump in time. Anyways, you can practice enough times to train your finger’s flexibility and ace it next time. Hope you guys can enjoy Helix Jump a lot!

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